19 Pics Of Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner That Will Make You Say "Couple Goals"

    This will restore your faith in Jophiemanity.

    2. The Eiffel Tower is so lucky.

    3. I wish I knew what was so LOL-worthy so I could join them here.

    4. Three words: Heart Eyes Emoji.

    5. Joe is like, "Huh?"

    7. OMGGGGgggg.

    8. Where do you even get a heart balloon bouquet like that?

    9. I wish I could Jon-a-them.

    10. Can I interest you all in a Diddy sandwich?

    12. Ooooh, ~mysterious~.

    13. Perfect.

    14. You know it's real when they haven't even touched all of those desserts.

    15. These two, though.

    17. They know it.

    18. The light from the sun traveled million of miles just to be blessed by hitting them before it touches the Earth.

    19. Even though they are on top of a cold mountain, this picture warms my heart.