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    13 Ways To Survive A Party Without Drinking

    Candy is dandy, but liquor makes you sicker.

    It's that time of the week!

    Too bad for you because you're planning on repping the Sobriety Society tonight.

    Not you:


    But never fear! Here are 13 ways you can easily survive a party without drinking a drop!

    1. Get your drink yourself.

    2. When you do get something to drink at a party, put it in a cup that looks like everyone else's and save yourself more trouble.

    3. Bring your own mixers! It's both polite to the host of the party, and it makes sure you'll have something special to drink.

    4. Don't, like, announce the fact that you're not drinking to the entire party.

    5. Host the party yourself so you can make a really fun non-alcoholic beverage!

    6. And if you do host the party, make the focus of it something other than "drink until you hate yourself."

    7. Is there a beer pong room/basement? Do not go into the beer pong room/basement.

    8. Maybe you have a really convincing headache/tired face and now is the time to use it.

    9. Take a permanent marker and write "HARD" on the label of anything you're drinking.

    10. Give yourself a curfew.

    11. Bring a buddy who also won't be drinking that night!

    12. Try focusing on the conversation instead!

    13. SNACKS.