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56 Things We'll Miss About Pawnee

The Parks and Rec series finale is this week, and no one is emotionally prepared to leave this beloved town.

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1. Having very strong opinions about "the pit" behind Ann's house.

2. Totally rocking out at one of Mouse Rat's (formerly Scarecrow Boat) gigs.

3. Just kind of really needing to pig out on at Paunch Burger.

4. Using Frisbees as plates.

5. Enjoying nearly every meal at JJ's Diner.

6. Hating on Eagletonians hardcore, all day, every day.

7. Using a handmade iPhone in a time of need.


8. Getting yelled at by citizens who actually don't have any problems.

9. Experiencing April's dark and reluctant optimism.

10. Sharing in Leslie's crush on Joe Biden.

11. Learning very literal news events from Perd Hapley.

12. Learning new names for food from Tom.

13. Getting spooked by Orin. That dude is creepy.

14. Chilling out to some of Duke Silver's soothing, dulcet sax tunes.

15. Constantly running into Councilman Howser at the wrong times.

16. Using your pun skills to come up with "Mark Brendana-quitz."

17. Visiting the progressive penguin couple at whatever zoo they happen to dwell in.

18. KaBOOM-ing things, but not in a deceiving way.

19. Attempting to capture Greg Pikitis.

20. Attending any and every festival designed to raise money for this town.

21. Receiving super-duper personalized Galentine's Day crafts from your special lady friends.

22. When it's Woman of the Year award season.

23. Encountering all of the thousands of raccoons Pawnee has to offer, as well as some pesky possums.

24. Trying to talk with the Animal Control guys.

25. Calling in to the caffeine-driven telethons.

26. Making friends over waffles.


27. Actually having a lovely time at one of Jerry's Christmas parties.

28. Relaxing in a chair built by Ron himself.

29. Getting Jamm'd by Jamm, even if that sounds like a nightmare.

30. Reminding Ben about "Ice Town" just to see him freak out a little.

31. Witnessing one of April's expert eye-rolls.

32. Being constantly inspired by Champion's perseverance.

33. Listening to Crazy Ira and the Douche on your morning commute.

34. Hearing tons of Harry Potter trivia from Leslie.

35. Chatting on Gryzzl.

36. Smelling one of Dennis Feinstein's perfumes out in the wild.

37. Getting yelled at by Craig, even if he's being positive.

38. Drinking coffee that's basically more whipped cream and sugar than actual coffee.

39. Surviving so many government shutdowns.

40. Witnessing all of the Tammys try to destroy Ron's life.

41. Any time Ben Wyatt is a "human disaster."

42. Admiring Joan Callamezzo's love of all things leopard print.

43. Getting slammed on Snake Juice.

44. Seeing unique personalities around town, like Janet Snakehole and Burt Macklin.

45. Receiving some excellent advice on life and love from Donna.

46. Shopping for anything you need at Food and Stuff.

47. Wearing your Li'l Sebastian gear with the utmost pride.

48. Yelling at the punk-ass book jockeys in the library.

49. Getting to fully TREAT YO' SELF each year.

50. Playing Cones of Dunshire for, like, the whole weekend...

51. ...but still hating on calzones.

52. Constantly denying the accounting firm the opportunity to work with you.

53. Drinking a child-size soda.

54. Hearing Jean-Ralphio trill his feelings in song.

55. Seeing Jerry just be the absolute worst employee.

56. Spending time in the smallest park.

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