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    17 Signs You're The Responsible One

    Your sensible cardigan might also give it away.

    1. You constantly remind your friends to wear comfortable shoes.

    2. You always carry hand sanitizer in your bag because germs are everywhere.

    3. You tend to give advice even if your friends don't exactly ask for it.

    4. You might be called "Mom" for it, but you definitely have a go-to recipe for chocolate chip cookies. Your pals love you all the more for it.

    5. Your shirts almost never have wrinkles in them...

    6. ...either because you actually use your iron, or you put your clothes away before they get attacked by any wrinkle monsters.

    7. You make your friends text you as soon as they get home from a night out on the town.

    8. Your pet's food and water bowls are never empty, and they thank you for it.

    9. You often do things because it's "good for you," and you truly believe this.

    10. Just in case a snackmergency arises, you have a little something stashed in your bag.

    11. You always remember birthdays.

    12. You check the weather before leaving the house, because you hate getting caught in a surprise downpour.

    13. If you go to a housewarming party, you never show up empty handed. That'd be just rude.

    14. You've at least thought about starting a garden.

    15. You usually carry a little cash, just in case.

    16. You love getting home before it gets too late outside.

    17. If you do decide to go out drinking, it'll be in moderation.