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21 Signs You're The Mom Of Your Friend Group

Mother knows best!

1. Your purse literally has everything anyone ever needs. It's practically a pharmacy.

2. You always remind your friends to do their homework, even though they look at you like this when you do.

3. No matter where you are, one of your priorities is making sure your friends are warm enough.

4. Friends call you first if they need some soup or tissues when they have a cold.

5. You always, always, keep snacks in your bag. It's a known fact.

6. Also, you make sure everyone's eating balanced meals.

7. Friend feeling a little sad? You're there to cheer them up!

8. So what if you enjoy hobbies that may or may not be considered minorly old-fashioned?

9. No one should judge you for clipping coupons or paying attention to sales. Saving money is important!

10. The minute your pal gets home from going out, you expect a text saying that they got home safely.

11. And when your friends do get home, you immediately ask how their trip went.

"Was your flight safe? I was worried ALL DAY."

12. Eating at restaurants isn't awkward anymore because everyone has you there to help divide the bill and tip!

13. This is you at parties, and it's OK:

14. When your friends want to gossip about, y'know, doing adult bedroom activities with other adults, you use very vague terms to describe said acts.

15. You suggest they read a book instead of going out partying...again.

16. Sharing health- or nutrition-related studies on your friends' Facebook walls is practically a pastime.

17. Daytime TV sucks...but daytime Food Network is brilliant.

18. If someone picks a fight with your buds, you'll passive-aggressively argue on their behalf till the cows come home.

19. It's no biggie if a small amount of alcohol, even talking about alcohol, makes you kinda giggly.

20. No matter what, you've gotta make it home in time to watch your stories.

21. And you always, always, have a trusty sweater with you.

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