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    15 Sexy Pandas, Otters, And Forest Animals

    Thanks to The Colbert Report for the hot post idea.

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    1. "Oh hey there, mister. You come into this joint often?"

    2. "I'm coy in the tree but a freak when I'm roamin' free."

    3. "I'm red hot, it's as simple as that."

    4. "Yoooo hooooo!"

    5. "Yeah, I'm a yoga instructor..."

    "Yeah, boy. You like what I'm throwin' down?"

    6. "See this face I'm touching? You could be touching it with your face, too, if you wanted."

    7. "A little birdie told me I'd get a visit from a sexy sailor today. That birdie was riiiiiiight."

    8. "Shh, don't listen to them, baby. I truly, otterly love you."

    9. "Suave, sophisticated, debonair. I'm all that and more, just for you."

    10. "Nooo, this isn't a bootycall at all, don't worry about it."

    "Just tryin' to show you what I'm workin' with. See anything you like?"

    11. "This is my 'smouldering' look. It looks good on me, right?"

    12. "They don't call me 'foxy lady' for nothing."

    13. "Face down, ass up, et cetera."

    14. "Wintertime seduction is my specialty. You may holla back at will."

    15. "You might cage me, but you can't cage my animal magnetism."

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