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31 Sandwiches On Vacation

Livin' #datsandwichlyfe.

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1. This sandwich witnessed where the horizon melts into the sky and cried a little.

2. This sandwich plans on recycling its plastic bag when it's done, don't worry.

3. This sandwich met a seagull on vacation.

4. This sandwich enjoys a fine tablescape while on vacay.

5. This sandwich conquered its fear of mountains. YOU GO, SANDWICH!

6. This sandwich is about to take a (French) dip.

7. This sandwich is just trying to start a new chapter in her life and move on.

8. This sandwich only needs its ol' pal sweet tea to complete this exciting adventure.

9. This sandwich is taking the scenic route through life.

10. This sandwich values the importance of a romantic getaway.

11. This sandwich thinks going on vacation is a big dill.

12. This sandwich wishes its vacation buddy knew how to take a centered photo.

13. This sandwich is a little embarrassed by its drink selection.

14. This sandwich prefers concerts rather than big vacations because it's a simple folk.

15. This sandwich enjoys a view rye't on the harbor.

16. This sandwich won't compromise for anybody, NO MATTER WHAT.

17. This sandwich is taking its vacation to new and exciting heights.

18. This sandwich is just trying to get back to its roots.

19. This sandwich feels fancy when it gets to lay(s) in the sun.

20. This sandwich treated itself to a classy, solo picnic.

21. This sandwich took a detour while running away from home.

22. This sandwich is having a religious experience while exploring nature.

23. This sandwich has no need for a tanning salon this season.

24. This sandwich is taking a break from the burger label burden placed on it by society.

25. This sandwich doesn't care who hears its singing voice because it's angelic.

26. This sandwich can find the silver lining of any cloud.

27. This sandwich is using this downtime to get over a breakup.

28. This sandwich is kicking off its vacation the best way it knows how: with a glass of rosé.

29. This sandwich is embracing life with arms wide open.


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