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19 Reasons Jess Was The Perfect Match For Rory

Good night, Dodger.

1. He always wanted what's best for Rory, even if she was confused about it.

2. He and Rory always had plenty of things — like books — to talk about.

3. He was able to mostly appreciate the charm in small-town life thanks to her.

4. He mastered slight of hand probably just to distract Rory from being frustrated.

5. He had sass for days.

6. He looked it up!

7. He was Rory's knight in shining hard hat when the diner was under repair.

8. He knew raisins have their place in the world and it's not in a salad.

9. He didn't take any of Logan's crap (and there was a lot of crap to take).

10. He was patient and listened to Rory and tried to eat what she brought in her picnic basket.

11. He understood the importance of forethought, especially when it came to fancy dinners.

12. He kept his promises, even if it took him a few years.

13. He didn't waste time on small talk.

14. He had the utmost respect for women, as seen here, when he brought a book to a strip club:

15. He patiently took Luke's criticisms with a grain of salt.

16. He got pushed into a lake and totally knew he deserved it.


18. He always came through for his mom, even if he got exasperated with her kooky shenanigans.

19. Like in any good book, he was a recurring character in Rory's life, which has to mean something.