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30 Reasons Greyhounds Are Gentle Giants And You Should Adopt One

Many greyhounds around the country are rescued from dog racetracks, and now all they want to do is love you a lot.

1. They pay close attention to your habits.

2. Greyhounds are experts at the "double cuddle."

3. Don't even try to say "no" to those soulful eyes.

4. While they may require a large bed, they will eat very daintily on it.

5. Greys take style very seriously.

6. Being buddies with cats is NBD.

7. They can teach you every which way to relax after a long day of whatever.

8. Though they know they make excellent models, greyhounds will always be modest about it.

9. They'll listen to every problem you've ever had.

10. Remember the "double cuddle"? Good, because they'll do it together, too.

11. Big couches won't seem quite as big anymore.

12. You'll never have to feel awkward about your own leg length with a grey around!

13. Super goofballs. Like, the super-est of goofballs.

14. If you're ever feeling lonely, they'll be like a second shadow for you, just ready for a hug.

15. A grey will always, always, be ready to play.

16. Remember: you don't have to worry about a grey's style. They've got it covered.

17. They won't even judge you for your outdated home entertainment setup.

18. A greyhound is the perfect adventure companion.

19. They'll be very patient and kind and play along with all of your whims.

20. Staying warm is sometimes a struggle, but they never let it show.

21. See all those presents? Greyhounds never ruin surprises... on purpose.

22. A grey won't keep their feelings all bottled up inside, but they totally won't unload them all on you all at once.

23. Need help with your studies? Greyhounds will help you read the fine print!

24. Just because they're a little bigger than your average pet doesn't mean they'll scare all the little ones away.


26. Also, when it's holiday season, they look just like reindeer. Just sayin'.

27. If you need a yoga buddy, look no further!

28. Greyhounds will constantly teach you new napping positions.

29. If you're ever too full, a grey will always be a good pal and help you out.

30. And the best reason of all to adopt a greyhound? Two words: mobile fort.

You can visit Adopt-A-Greyhound to start your rescue research or use one of the many other resources available to start your adoption search.