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    Mike Bridavsky, AKA Lil Bub's Dude, Is Hot And We Need To Talk About It

    He's the cute elephant in the room, and it's time we were all adults about it.

    1. In case you forgot, this is Lil Bub, the most amazing cat on the planet.

    2. This is Bub's dude, Mike.

    3. He goes everywhere with her because the world is a lot bigger than Bub.

    4. He gets to meet really excited celebrities with her, too!

    5. But, listen. We need to talk about Mike.

    6. Mike is, in layman's terms...

    7. ...cute.

    8. His extreme love for Bub is probably a big part of his hotness.

    9. Bub loves him, too!

    10. And Mike's a trickster who can laugh at a good joke or a funny cat.

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    11. Like, sure, some big-time press event are all about Bub...

    12. ...but they should also be about how much one Mike can love one Bub.

    13. Neither of them have let all this fame get to their heads, and that ALSO adds to Mike's hotness.

    14. Bub probably has excellent taste in companions.

    15. In this video, you can see Bub climb all over him because he is very attentive and spoils her.

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    16. Also, Mike wears these plaid dad shirts a lot. It works.

    17. If Bub's not complaining about them, then neither should anyone else.

    18. And, yeah, he has a giant tattoo of Bub on his side.

    19. Need help finding a special someone? Here's an easy equation for you: beard + tattoos + cat = instantly attractive. You can use that tip for free.

    20. He has a smaller, more tasteful, tattoo of Bub on his arm. This is in addition to all of the other tattoos all over his arms.

    21. This video is great because you can hear Mike talk, a rare occurrence, and also check out his arm art.

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    22. Here he is holding Bub up on an imaginary pedestal of love and adoration.


    24. This is a very early photo of Mike and a baby Bub. Little did the internet know what it was in for.

    25. Bub's a smitten kitten, and so is the rest of the world.

    26. He even put together an entire crazy online birthday party for Bub! What a guy!

    27. Mike went away for a week, and this is how Bub reacted when he got home. That's how you KNOW Mike is special.

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    28. Because really, who doesn't love a cute guy with a cat??