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What Are Your Romantic Prospects According To The Tarot?

Tap the Vine, you're doin' fine.

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Step 1: Play the Vine and tap it to stop on a tarot card.

Step 2: Look for your card below, and see it's meaning toward your love life!

Major Arcana:

0 - The Fool: Don't be afraid to start something new, maybe a new tactic or even a new relationship. Now's the time to be daring!

1 - The Magician: You've got every opportunity in front of you since you're multi-talented. Use your ~powers~ for good!

2 - The High Priestess: Use your own opinions now more than ever; only you know what's best for you.

3 - The Empress: Embrace the spontaneity that comes with feeling in touch with yourself and nature. Share your loving instincts with those you trust.

4 - The Emperor: You're forging out on your own and enjoying the sense of independence that comes with it!

5 - The Hierophant: The little things about relationships are what make you the happiest, don't forget that.

6 - The Lovers: You're in, or about to be in, a respectful and joyous relationship. Together you will go far.

7 - The Chariot: You're strongly independent, and that ain't a bad thing! Focus on your path and the rest will make sense.

8 - Strength: There's two sides to your situation - the head and the heart. You're comfortable finding the balance between them now.

9 - The Hermit: You might need some time to yourself right now in order to figure out what you really want.

10 - Wheel of Fortune: Keep an eye out for coincidences both big and small! Something major could be headed your way.

11 - Justice: Don't forget about your needs right now. Aim to make decisions that are fair for everyone.

12 - The Hanged Man: You feel SO strongly about your situation. Is it too strongly? See if you need a change of perspective to get back on track.

13 - Death: Never fear! Everything must end in order for something new to begin. Let go of the past so you can move forward!

14 - Temperance: You're all about planning currently. You want to see your long-term goals come true, but make sure your decisions are balanced.

15 - The Devil: It's time to let go of the ugly bits of life; shine light and acknowledge what you can get rid of. Then get rid of it!

16 - The Tower: Has there been a lot of confusion lately? Eliminate that by being as clear as possible in your communication.

17 - The Star: Make goals! And go after them! Let your heart dream as big as it wants to dream.

18 - The Moon: Don't hold back your feelings! You may've been keeping secrets, from others or yourself, lately. Feel free to let them out into the open.

19 - The Sun: Right now is golden for you. You've found what brings you joy, and it's important to remember that.

20 - Judgement: Let go of the blame game. You're ready to take on responsibility and charge forward with fairness.

21 - The World: Some sort of realization is coming to you, and it's all about what makes you feel ~whole~ and complete. follow that feeling!


Queen of Wands: You're feeling super secure in what actions have brought you to this situation. You know who you are!

King of Wands: Even though hard work might be ahead of you, you're totally willing to get it done. You know your motivations are pure.

Knight of Wands: You're not afraid to do a little bit of searching to find what completes you. What's important now is to stay true to yourself.

Page of Wands: Take some time to grow and learn about yourself! Explore a little bit! That's how you'll find who you want to be with.

Ace of Wands: What are you waiting for?! There's a wonderful opportunity right in front of you, so go after it!

2 of Wands: Decisions, decisions. If you're stuck between some options, just be patient and the right choice will come to you.

3 of Wands: Have you been waiting to make the first move? Don't! Take charge of your love's destiny.

4 of Wands: Remember, it's important to stay grounded in relationships. As long as you both keep that in mind, you'll each be able to grow as individuals, too!

5 of Wands: Find playful ways to combine your interests. Do things that you both enjoy together!

6 of Wands: You need to recognize how awesome you are! Take a victory lap that way others can see your special-ness, too.

7 of Wands: Sometimes relationships need work in order to grow. It's not a bad thing! Just focus your energies correctly.

8 of Wands: Clarify your intentions a little bit, in case you've been feeling scattered lately. That way you can be clear with your energy moving forward.

9 of Wands: Stuck in old habits that just aren't working out for ya? Get rid of 'em!

10 of Wands: Time to refocus on what you really want out of the relationship. That way it won't feel like so much work all the time!


Queen of Cups: You've got a lotta feelings going on right now. Trust in your instincts, and let your feelings be known!

King of Cups: Find a way to feel more stable and secure now. Maybe that means clarifying what your goals are for this relationship.

Knight of Cups: Listen to your heart and your mind! Together they will tell you which path to follow.

Page of Cups: Speak up! Don't be shy! No one will know how you're feeling unless you tell them what's up.

Ace of Cups: Get yourself in touch with what your emotions are trying to tell you. You want to be as connected, and present, as possible.

2 of Cups: You've been feeling like you keep having to deal with the same sorts of feelings or problems lately. That's always gonna happen! Learn how you best handle them.

3 of Cups: Speaking your mind now might just bring you to a very happy place. Lean on those who make you feel joyous!

4 of Cups: Take a bit to check in with yourself before moving forward. A little peace and quiet might just be perfect for you right now.

5 of Cups: Been holding onto some grudges? Or maybe feelings of past relationships are trying to hold you back? Acknowledge what's stopping your progress.

6 of Cups: It's important to do what makes you happy, but it's time to move past reacting childishly to situations. You're a grown-up, so it's time to act like one.

7 of Cups: Time to analyze what you really want outta your relationships. Some wants/fears might be legitimate, and some you can probably do away with.

8 of Cups: Don't forget you and your partner are two different people, so it's okay to be on two different paths. Support each other now, and help each other grow!

9 of Cups: You have so. many. feelings! Acknowledge them, but remember that your partner has a lot, too. Find something that combines your feelings together into one joy.

10 of Cups: Go for the gold! You're on the path that will lead to long-term happiness now. Enjoy it!


Queen of Swords: Check in with your heart. What do you truly want? Clarify your goals, then go after 'em!

King of Swords: Even though you might be good at using facts for your own advantage, right now you need to remember what makes you ~feel~.

Knight of Swords: Seek out even more love and humor and joy! Follow the paths that lead you there.

Page of Swords: Feel free to trust yourself! As long as your insights are as clear and true as possible, you'll be as alert as you need to be.

Ace of Swords: Remember to bring your mind into the matters of the heart. Now isn't the time to let your emotions rule everything. Your thoughts matter, too!

2 of Swords: Feeling a little dusty lately? Let your imagination run wild! Listening to your dreams might advance you more.

3 of Swords: Your thoughts have the potential to damage your heart, but don't let them! That doesn't mean truth and honesty have to disappear, though.

4 of Swords: Quiet times are ahead of you. You need to be calm enough to let go of any pettiness or envy that's been bothering you.

5 of Swords: Let bygones be bygones! Move forward without worrying about the past so much.

6 of Swords: Go with the flow of things, but don't forget to get your point across. Your opinions matter, but you're in charge of the direction of your relationship.

7 of Swords: Try something totally new! Maybe your old ways of thinking haven't been working so well, so feel free to let 'em go. Go crazy for a little bit!

8 of Swords: Feel more confident in your own logic and thoughts. Sit with yourself in order to figure out a potential new path you need to follow.

9 of Swords: Wake up! There's a sudden realization coming for you, but you need to accept it. Even though you may not like what it tells you, follow its advice for your own good.

10 of Swords: You're all about new horizons now! Leave behind the thoughts and habits that haven't been serving you, because you've got a lot of new ground to cover.


Queen of Pentacles: Remind yourself of the simple pleasures of life in order to fully appreciate what's in front of you!

King of Pentacles: You matter! Don't forget that. Be sure to express your needs clearly.

Knight of Pentacles: Have conflicts been popping up lately? You can handle them, don't worry. Charge forward with your solid problem solving skills.

Page of Pentacles: You might both be trying to figure out how you can bring your unique skills into this relationship. Make room to let each other discover that.

Ace of Pentacles: You're at the start of a wonderful new relationship, one that will allow you both to flourish as individuals. Accept each other for who you are!

2 of Pentacles: This is a time to remind yourself to "go with the flow." Don't be afraid of change, and don't fight it, either. There are contradictions in front of you now, but that's not a bad thing.

3 of Pentacles: Have you not been feeling like a shining star lately? Be sure to stand up for yourself and allow your talents to come through!

4 of Pentacles: Help each other out. Relationships are there to support you, so find a way to let you both strongly develop your individual skills.

5 of Pentacles: You don't need to sacrifice yourself in this relationship for no good reason. It should be a matter of give and take, always.

6 of Pentacles: If you are giving in the relationship, make sure you're not the only one. Find a balance between the two of you, where you each feel welcome to share.

7 of Pentacles: It's time to really think about what you want out of this relationship, or if all the hard work you've put in so far is still worth it. It's totally fine to take stock of things and think them over!

8 of Pentacles: Relationships exist to build each other up; recognize each other's talents and skills. Support each other, and you'll each grow in your life's work. Putting in the work now will give you lots of rewards later.

9 of Pentacles: Have petty feelings or jealousy been weighing on you lately? Time to let that all go! Getting rid of icky feelings will help you grow as a person.

10 of Pentacles: Remind yourself that it "takes a village" to get success out of life, so feel free to work toward a greater goal together. Successes are sweeter when we work together.

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