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    13 Life Lessons To Learn From Bo Burnham's Latest Comedy Special

    If you haven't watched "what." yet, you've got a lot to learn. Find it for free on Netflix or YouTube right now.

    1. Words are important.

    2. Be honest about your past.

    3. Tell it like it is.

    4. Keep your friends and family close.

    5. The world is filled with horrible people.

    6. Love at first sight is real.

    7. First impressions are important - also, art is a lie.

    8. There are plenty of fish in the sea, but stay outta there.

    9. Be humble.

    10. God is probably way simpler than people imagine him to be.

    11. Pop stars may not, like, actually love you. Just a heads up.

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    12. But still: repeat stuff, repeat stuff.

    13. Know your audience.

    To see Bo's latest creative comedic achievements, watch the full special on his YouTube channel, or find it on Netflix:

    View this video on YouTube

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