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22 Reasons To Be Proud Of Your Inner Old Person

Maybe you're born with it, maybe you're dying soon.

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1. You're never cold because you always have an extra sweater.

2. You deeply understand your pet on a spiritual level.

3. Getting on the road in the mornings isn't so bad because you live by routine. Out the door in 20 minutes!

4. Going out at night isn't always so bad because you've been wearing comfy shoes all day...

5. ...but you're never out late anyways since you have an important date with your couch and TV.

Your stories are also your priorities.

6. Everyone asks you for advice about cooking...

7. ...because you're a proud expert in all things Food Network.

8. Your room always smells lovely because you discovered scented candles way before the rest of your friends.

Walt Disney /

9. Instead of thinking you're super annoying, your friends actually really appreciate when you show care and concern for their well-being.

All you ask is they text you when they get home, just like a worried mother hen would.

All you ask is they text you when they get home, just like a worried mother hen would.

10. Your hearing will last forever since you don't listen to music very loudly.

11. None of your friends are ever hangry because you always carry PLENTY of extra snacks.

12. If everyone goes out drinking, they can always count on you to have enough wits together to get them all home safely.

13. You always miss any drama on Facebook because fights go down way too late at night for you.

2 sleepy 2 fight

14. Your Instagram feed soothes and calms you...

...instead of leaving you stressed out by being overwhelmingly loud and messy.

15. It doesn't matter if you're not hip on any current language fads, because you're happy using your own lingo, like "conflabbit."

16. A while ago, your weird dietary restrictions made you seem crazy, but now they're way more accepted and on trend.

Even if some people might mock you.

Even if some people might mock you.

17. Your hugs are the best and also the most gentle.

18. People appreciate your texts and emails so much because you take the time to use proper spelling and grammar.

Warner Bros. /

19. Your roommates never have to ask you to do any cleaning up because you've already done all your chores.

Dishes? DONE! Floors swept? SQUEAKY CLEAN!

20. Your friends have stopped making fun of you for your tea time at night because you keep it so heckin' classy.

21. You don't have to be so worried about any of your photos leaking since you don't even use Snapchat.

What is "the cloud"?

22. You're going to age beautifully because you're super comfortable in your own gorgeous skin, forever and always.

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