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    18 Stunning Floors That Put The Rest Of The Room To Shame

    Instagram user ihavethisthingwithfloors gives us all a little taste of floor envy.

    1. "Sometimes an aggressively floral print makes the best accessory, what can I say?"

    2. "I think this coral really brings out my best features."

    3. "Ugh, geometry is, like, so important when it comes to design, y'know?"

    4. "I'm what you might call an 'understated beauty.'"

    5. "People smile when they see me, it's just that simple."

    6. "Yeah, I can tell you're green with envy of my beauty. It's no big deal, don't feel bad."

    7. "I call this look 'Lasers of the Sea,' and I find it quite avant garde."

    8. "'She sells sea shells on my sweet floor' would be a more accurate statement."

    9. "It's like Starry Night but better because I'm in it."

    10. "All these branches and leaves are like my wonderful little support system, and I really deserve it. I'm such a hard worker."

    11. "Center of attention, claaaaassic me."

    12. "Stop it! I'm blushing!"

    13. "I'm so pretty in pink, dontcha think? I'm also pretty in anything, but that's beside the point."

    14. "Where I lead, you should follow."

    15. "A little color goes a long way when it comes to beauty."

    16. "I prefer the term 'silver fox,' thank you kindly."

    17. "A little reminder, from me to ... me."

    18. "Totally, dude. Totally killing the nice game today. Good for you, man. Kudos. Rock on."

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