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How Badly Do You Suffer From Writer's Block?

This is a no-judgment zone.

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  1. Pick the activities you do instead of writing.

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    Check Twitter.
    Check Facebook.
    Check Instagram.
    Check Tumblr.
    Check your texts.
    Close your texts app and reopen it just in case it was lying to you.
    Put on different socks.
    Put on slippers instead of socks.
    Get your comfy pants on.
    Try sitting at your desk.
    Try sitting on your couch.
    Try sitting outside because maybe natural light is what you need.
    Try sitting on your bed.
    Accidentally type "Netflix" into your address bar.
    Accidentally watch three episodes of something.
    Get a snack because you need "brain food."
    Eat ice cream while standing in the kitchen, pretending to contemplate what the snack you'll ACTUALLY eat will be.
    Catch up on your correspondence, aka emails.
    Call your mom because you'll feel bad if you don't.
    Call your BFF to catch up on hot gossip so you won't be distracted with any thoughts once you're writing which will be totally soon.
    Open a blank Word doc.
    Open a blank Google doc.
    Wonder what happened to Clippy, your little helper buddy.
    Briefly consider doing your writing in a physical notebook.
    Immediately decide that writing with a pen is now an ancient method that would be frowned upon by your peers.
    Refresh Twitter.
    Refresh Facebook.
    Refresh Instagram.
    Refresh Tumblr.
    Open Snapchat.
    Immediately close Snapchat.
    Put away the pile of shoes on your bedroom floor.
    Put away the pile of clothes on your bedroom floor.
    Quickly re-organize your desk, because there's no way you can work in this clutter.
    Find old notes or to-do lists while cleaning and reminisce to a simpler time.
    Do those to-do lists.
    Clean your bathroom, since you're already a pro at cleaning today.
    Clean the living room (mostly).
    Get more "brain food."
    Order food for delivery, because by the time it comes to you, you'll probably have written a bunch.
    Make a "writing" playlist.
    Dance around to your "writing" playlist.
    Accidentally watch three more episodes of something while you eat your delivery.
    Serenade your pet.
    Forget that you can't draw and try to sketch a doodle of your pet.
    See what's on TV.
    See what's on TV for the next couple of hours, just in case.
    Accidentally get sucked into a marathon of literally whatever is on Bravo.
    Go for a walk because you've been stuck inside all day and true artists probably get fresh air.
    Get back inside and remember your "Updates" tab in Gmail.
    Go online shopping for, like, an hour.
    Eat dessert to make yourself feel better about all the shopping you just did.
    Clean your computer screen.
    Clean your computer keyboard.
    Dust your windowsills.
    Check your YouTube subscriptions.
    Watch a dozen "Let It Go" remixes while you're on there.
    Do yoga alone in your bedroom because maybe that'll help get oxygen to your brain.
    Do seven jumping jacks.
    Decide that's enough exercise and get a glass of water.
    Refill your water pitcher.
    Do all the dishes in your sink.
    Organize your underwear drawer.
    Organize your closet.
    Organize the pile of crap under your bed.
    Get tired of organizing.
    Offer to clean your roommate's room.
    Decide to start an herb garden.
    Research herb gardens.
    Give up on your herb gardening dream.
    Decide to start cooking healthier.
    Research healthy cooking blogs.
    Feel sad that those bloggers/Instagrammers are living seemingly more fulfilling lives than you.
    Give up on your healthy eating dream.
    Fall asleep to Netflix while promising to yourself to write more tomorrow.

How Badly Do You Suffer From Writer's Block?

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