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17 Reasons You Should Celebrate Amy Poehler's Birthday

For starters, 43 has literally never looked better.

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1. Because she doesn't beat around the bush about anything...

Comedy Central /

2. ...nor does she hide her real emotions ever.

Paul Drinkwater / Reuters

3. Her sweet-ass dance moves!

4. Because she understands enjoying a birthday treat should be savored...

5. ...and that sometimes you just need to slum it.

6. Because she knows how to party like the rockstar that she is...

7. ...but also how to stay humble.

Mike Blake / Reuters

8. She knows to always have high confidence levels. They're important! Especially for ladies!

9. Girl knows how to properly relax.


10. Anyone who knows that waffles should be a constant priority deserves an amazing birthday celebration.

11. Because her beauty shines forth like a glorious ray of sunshine.

12. Her advice videos can honestly help you through any problem in life.

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13. Her energy is downright infectious! INFECTIOUS!

14. She knows how to live life to the fullest as a ~serious~ business person...

15. ...and as a wonderful human being in general.

16. She taught you not to take any BS...

17. ...but to give plenty of sass.


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