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13 Easy Steps To Understanding Bitcoins From Hannah Hart

Hannah Hart, star of My Drunk Kitchen on YouTube, is an all around genius when it comes to baking and explaining bitcoins at the same time.

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Let Hannah Hart explain the mystery of bitcoins to you while baking cookies on the latest episode of My Drunk Kitchen.

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Didn't have time to take notes? No worries! Look out below for all the sweet deets.

1. Bitcoins?

2. So they're just like money!

3. Really special, internet money. Got it.

4. Wait, what does this have to do with baking cookies?

5. So the flour is where everything gets mixed in together.

6. And the banks are... where... transactions... happen.

7. Too much salt = bad, got it.

8. Y'know what's always a great idea? Chocolate chips.

9. How a transaction might go:

10. They'll even work in France!

11. Buying up bitcoins will cost differently based on, like, economics.

12. And although they're not tangible, here's what a bitcoin might look like...

13. So a bitcoin is just like a really tasty cookie! Or...

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