22 Dogs Who Freakin’ Loved Watching The Puppy Bowl

Basically, everyone’s a winner when it comes to the Puppy Bowl.

1. “Huh, I guess I didn’t know kittens were involved.”

2. “I came comfortably prepared!”

3. “Put me in, coach!”

4. “The snacks are the best part of any sporting event, let’s be real here.”

5. “Did you see one of my buddies? Thought I saw one of my buds out there…”

6. “Yeah, I heard the ref make that call, and I do not agree with it.”

7. “Took a break from watching the game to play a little ball of my own!”

She might be a little too old for the #PuppyBowl but she can't resist some football! @BuzzFeedAnimals

— Samm Ramm (@samm_ramm)

8. “Hmph. Looks like cat time is a good time to use the restroom.”

9. “I have a toy that looks just like that!”

10. “Do you think I should’ve stuck with sports throughout college?”

11. “Loren deserves any and every award. He’s my favorite athlete!”

@BuzzFeedAnimals Monty is super into the game

— Kristi (@krrristi11)

12. “Sorry, but I’m hella comfortable right now. You can get up to get your coffee in a minute, mmk?”

13. “…I think I totally dated her five years ago.”


@BuzzFeedAnimals I'm watching!

— Ella the Dog (@EllaInTheCity)

15. “Everything is so dramatic from this close up!”


17. “Put the penguin cheerleaders back on screen!! They’re so spirited!”

18. “Totally building my core strength just in case they want to start a Dog Bowl next year.”

19. “So many friiiiiends to see on the screen.”

@BuzzFeedAnimals Lola's been waiting all day for the kick-off. #PuppyBowl

— Deb Endy Secrest (@desecrest)

20. “Ugh, I bet everyone’s butts smell really cute.”

21. “Go, bite, win! Only, y’know, just bite politely. Nothing too rough.”

22. “Don’t disturb me, this is not recording so this is my only chance to watch it. You may speak to me during the commercials only.”

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