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    28 Desk Breakfasts That Are Trying Their Very Best

    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Sometimes it's also the most pathetic.

    1. It says "wholesome" right there on the packaging!

    2. Don't let anyone call this porridge "snore-idge!"

    3. Kind of like a balanced breakfast, right?

    4. If you think of it like it's a nostalgic treat from your past, this is great!

    5. Sometimes a disappointing amount of chocolate chips is just the universe's way of looking out for you.

    6. Wakes you up better than coffee (probably).

    7. What's important is that you're open to multiple definitions of "breakfast of champions."

    8. Instead of "burnt," just call it "cajun!"

    9. See, now this is the breakfast of a go-getter. No need to share from this alleged "share pack."

    10. The cherry flavor counts as fruit! Way to go!

    11. Don't let the world get ya down, lil breakfast buddy. You're doin' alright.

    12. This is an amazing breakfast because there appears to be somehow three halves of this tomato. THREE. HALVES!

    13. A lot of protein never hurt anyone!

    14. The "simply" tells you that these are natural puffs, which means they are good for you.

    15. Breakfast fit for a king!

    16. Eating on-the-go just means you're secure in yourself, pre-made sandwich.

    17. You can even share this breakfast with your cat!

    18. See, they're only lightly frosted, which means they're trying to be better for you.

    19. You've definitely got some style.

    20. Dessert first thing in the morning? TREAT YO SELF.

    21. Ahh, Costco pizza. A fine breakfast staple.

    22. See, these cookies are on a plate, which makes them completely legitimate.

    23. Cheetos "poffs"? SIGN ME UP!

    24. A fruit, a grain, and a sweet! Perfect.

    25. It's very similar to cereal.

    26. Maybe the rest of the day will be full of vegetables!

    27. Great value? More like great start to your day, superstar!

    28. I mean, I guess.