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How Is Your Career Going According To The Tarot?

Let the universe tell you what's up.

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First, play this Vine and tap it to stop on a tarot card.

Then find your card, and its meaning, below!

Major Arcana:

0 - The Fool: You're on the verge of starting something new, so go for it! Don't second guess your new steps now.

1 - The Magician: Your current job is going well because you've discovered how to be the master of it. You're in control and loving it!

2 - The High Priestess: Stand up for your ideas. Don't let other people try to take over your projects or notions. Be firm and confident in your choices!

3 - The Empress: It's time to focus on what makes you feel strong and in control. Lean on your impressive skills more in order to see success!

4 - The Emperor: You're in charge now and LOVING IT. Your co-workers respect you, but make sure you're not being too selfish.

5 - The Hierophant: You're super confident in being a leader now. Make sure you're giving a good example for others, and they'll follow in your footsteps.

6 - The Lovers: The best relationships at your job are the ones based on respect. Find those people you connect with the best, and find ways to go far with them!

7 - The Chariot: Once you've made clear what you want, there's nothing that can stop you from achieving it! Having clear goals will help you now.

8 - Strength: Don't worry about the past or the future! Your most success will come from finding your balance in the here and now.

9 - The Hermit: It's time to chill, just for a minute. Sit with yourself to clarify which direction you want to be headed. Have patience!

10 - Wheel of Fortune: Fate is trying to help you, whether or not you believe it. Don't fight the flow of things! Go with it.

11 - Justice: A decision coming up will require you to remain as fair as possible. Make the best choices that will help the most people.

12 - The Hanged Man: Life is telling you to change up your perception. It's not a bad thing! It's just time to achieve wisdom by looking at things in a new way.

13 - Death: Don't worry, but it might be time for something to end. Take a look at what you're working on and see what's no longer working for you. Let it go!

14 - Temperance: In order to go further, realize what contradictions exist and accept them. Go with the flow and toward what feels the most fair.

15 - The Devil: What's going on in your job that's not clicking with you? Just take a look at the icky parts and see what you can do to make them less icky.

16 - The Tower: Don't! Forget! To! Communicate! The major source of confusion for you in your job right now is a failure to communicate.

17 - The Star: You're totally in the right place! Your field is perfect for you, just don't forget to let your best qualities shine through.

18 - The Moon: What do you REALLY want to be doing? Follow your dreams and intuitions for a bit, just to see where they can take you.

19 - The Sun: You should be doing what makes you feel the most joyous! Your job is what brings you that warm feeling of happiness.

20 - Judgement: Feel free to find a break in your daily routine. It's okay to draw the line somewhere, to see what works and what doesn't.

21 - The World: You're in the perfect position! The universe congratulates you on finding your dream job.


Queen of Wands: You have so much (good) confidence in your creative potential. Follow through with your ideas, because they're good ones!

King of Wands: You're not afraid of a little hard work, because you believe in what you're doing. This will bring you big success!

Knight of Wands: Is it time to go on a search for what inspires you? Feel free to look in unexpected places for what will drive you now.

Page of Wands: You're ready to start a new project! Something is currently exciting you and makes you want to follow that journey.

Ace of Wands: Have you been wanting to do something new? Now's the time! Seize the day, for sure!

2 of Wands: Is there a big decision ahead of you? If so, feel free to be patient before making your choice. When the time comes, go with what truly inspires you.

3 of Wands: Figure out what you want from yourself and what others want from you. You need to make the action that best supports what you love.

4 of Wands: You'll have a lovely time to celebrate your accomplishments if you ground your work. Make sure you're doing real actions and that you're not just all in your head with ideas.

5 of Wands: Sometimes we need to struggle a bit before figuring out the right direction for us. It'll be worth it once you realize you need to fight to keep what excites you.

6 of Wands: You're a leader now! Or you're about to be. Take hold of what's in front of you so you can shine with the best of them.

7 of Wands: You're on the right path to bring you success, but it's key to remember that learning how to handle bigger responsibilities is a good thing.

8 of Wands: You need to focus your energies on ONE project or job. If you keep scattering yourself, nothing will get done.

9 of Wands: It's time to leave behind old habits if they're not letting you grow in your field. Take what works with you, and ditch the rest.

10 of Wands: Yes, a lot of work is ahead of you now. You might even feel the weight of that stress. However, by working through it with a focused head, you'll see positive end results.


Queen of Cups: You need to listen to your inner thoughts now more than ever. Your feelings and intuitions are what should guide your choices. Think about what makes you happy, then do that!

King of Cups: You should be on a path that you truly want to be involved in. If you're not already, figure out what steps you need to take to get there.

Knight of Cups: If a big decision is coming up regarding your career, make the choice that will bring you the most joy.

Page of Cups: Has something been bugging you lately? Or do you feel strongly about a project, but you've kept quiet? Speak out about it! Nothing will get done unless you communicate.

Ace of Cups: You're starting on a new path, one that will bring you the most happiness. Good! Embrace this new flow, as it will take you far.

2 of Cups: Face your conflicting feelings head-on. No need to avoid conflict, or have too much of it; it's just time to acknowledge that some differences of opinions exist.

3 of Cups: You've found your happy place! Your co-workers are there to totally support and celebrate you, so keep up the good work!

4 of Cups: What's life trying to tell you? Are you feeling happy or is there something within your reach that will make you feel joy? Go toward it now, but after some careful meditation.

5 of Cups: Perhaps it's time to realize that your job hasn't been fulfilling you lately. Some part of it isn't bringing you the joy that it used to.

6 of Cups: Take a peek into your past to see what used to bring you joy. It's time to follow those instincts again.

7 of Cups: You need to sort out what your hopes and your fears are. By acknowledging their existence, you will understand how to better move forward.

8 of Cups: Don't ignore your dreams! You're on a career path now, which is good. Stay on the path while remaining true to yourself.

9 of Cups: Use your confidence now more than ever! You've got lots of different feelings all happening inside you, and you should go toward the instincts that bring you the most joy.

10 of Cups: You've found your happy place! Congratulations! Celebrate this fact, especially the little things that got you there.


Queen of Swords: The best decisions to make now are the ones you're most clear about. Clarity is everything!

King of Swords: Be as aware as possible of your motives - and the motives of others. Knowing why things are happening will inform you of how to move forward.

Knight of Swords: You're not afraid to let your ideas be known! Be careful charging ahead so forcefully, but as long as your thoughts are clear, you know how to get stuff done.

Page of Swords: Follow your initiative. Remember to communicate your thoughts clearly, in order to find the most success.

Ace of Swords: You're ready to be more independent now! Take your clear thoughts and stand up for them!

2 of Swords: Follow your intuition! It's alright to listen to your dreams now.

3 of Swords: Find a way to combine your feelings with your more logical side. Finding a balance between the two will guide you moving forward in your job.

4 of Swords: Hush, now! Sit quietly with yourself, for just a little while, to figure out what course of life will bring you the most satisfaction.

5 of Swords: Old habits should remain in your past. Moving forward, don't make similar mistakes in your job because of old ways of thought. Learn from that.

6 of Swords: If you've been having a little trouble lately, it's important to clearly communicate what your actual thoughts and opinions are. You're in charge of your life's direction.

7 of Swords: Let go of how the past worked! It's time to find new ways of thought in order to achieve better results.

8 of Swords: Do you feel trapped at your current job? Use your intuition, and gut, to figure out what's been holding you back. Could it be a boss, or your current way of thinking?

9 of Swords: Have you had a sudden revelation recently? Listen to it! Those big thoughts are trying to tell you something. Think beyond yourself in order to discover what will help you grow.

10 of Swords: It's absolutely time to leave what hasn't been working in the past. In order to move forward, you need to make big changes in the way you've been thinking.


Queen of Pentacles: Don't forget about the little, everyday things that make up your job. Find ways to appreciate those, too!

King of Pentacles: You know exactly what skills make you great at your job. Utilize them to your full advantage!

Knight of Pentacles: No one's perfect, so when you're trying to figure out what exactly you should be doing in life, remember that it's a journey!

Page of Pentacles: You're discovering all sorts of new things lately, about your work and about your skills. Follow what's fun to you now!

Ace of Pentacles: Don't ignore what's right in front of you! You should be doing what you're good at doing, simple as that.

2 of Pentacles: It's okay if big changes are coming your way! You'll be able to go with the flow as long as you don't fight it.

3 of Pentacles: You have talents that have gone unnoticed so far. It's time to polish them off in order to be the most successful.

4 of Pentacles: Accept what you're good at! You know what your talents are, and your job will thank you once you embrace them.

5 of Pentacles: It's important to remember how important teamwork can be. Just try to cooperate more in a group setting, and you'll see more success.

6 of Pentacles: Don't forget to balance now. Your work environment should be full of give and take. Do what gets your wishes fulfilled as well as what others want.

7 of Pentacles: There's a lot of work in front of you now - or perhaps you recently finished some. Take a look at it to see what you can learn moving forward.

8 of Pentacles: Once you discover what's really important to you, that's what you should be doing! Practice makes perfect.

9 of Pentacles: You need to be determined now. Figure out your own wisdom and what's important to you; that will help you grow in your career!

10 of Pentacles: You've found what you're good at AND what brings you success, both money-wise and happiness! Don't forget to be generous with your skills and rewards; others should learn from you!

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