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    7 Marriage Proposals That Will Make You Cry Tears Of Joy

    Here are some of the biggest proposal videos, all in one place, for you to enjoy when you have a few minutes to cry by yourself. Thanks to RightThisMinute for some of the finds!

    1. The Flashmob That Made Us Love Home Depot Again

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    They found love in a lumber aisle...

    2. The One Where He Tarantino'd It

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    Tess had no idea what was about to happen in Italy when she thought she was on a modeling job.

    3. The One Where The Engagement And Wedding Happened ALL IN ONE DAY

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    With a "special 'thank you' to Pinterest," Ryan was able to plan the entire proposal and wedding. It all happened in one day, much to Amanda's surprise!

    4. The One Where A Horrible Car Accident Couldn't Stop Love

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    A week before he was planning to propose, Larry was struck by a drunk driver. Kelcie became a part of his recovery therapy, and thanks to the help of her sister, an Indiegogo campaign (successfully!) aimed to raise enough money for a marriage in Disneyland.

    5. The One Where Slow-Mo Is Put To Good Use

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    Matthew's proposal to Brynn took place while the two were in the middle of wakeboarding together. They took the actual plunge right after!

    6. The One Where The Proposal Came From Outer Space

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    Well, it's not very fair to the rest of us because Richard, a filmmaker, produced this video and had it play before a movie he and Abbie were going to watch together. THE ACTUAL RING HE PROPOSED WITH WAS IN SPACE!

    7. The One Where They Went Back To Their First Date

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    Justin produced a 20-minute "proposal of a lifetime" video for Emily to watch while he was "running late" for a dinner they'd planned at the restaurant where they had their very first date.

    It's alright if you need a moment. Take as many moments as you need.