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    Mar 8, 2013

    25 Ways You Know You're A Florida Gator

    It's great! To be! A Florida Gator!

    1. Gameday in the Swamp is where you're allowed to be as sweaty (and as drunk) as you wanna be.

    2. You regularly walk by both the "Potato" and the "French Fries."

    3. You've "liked" UF Squirrels on Facebook because, let's face it, they have a very big presence on campus so it makes sense.

    4. You miss Mr. Two Bits somethin' fierce.

    5. Dead to you.

    6. Tim Tebow's your cool older brother who never writes home.

    7. But this never happened, as far as you're concerned.

    8. Fellow Gator Ryan Lochte's stupid grill(s) never happened either.

    But he is our sweet, beautiful idiot.

    9. RIP Reitz Union Wendy's.

    10. Tell every girl you know to avoid this place.

    11. You own, like, five bumper stickers from Satchel's Pizza.

    12. When you're in a hurry, though, you can always count on a slice from Leo's.

    13. RIP Reitz Union Taco Bell.

    14. Turlington Plaza held a Harlem Shake mob, and look, you're right there in the crowd!

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    15. You've never once gone into the Reitz Union Barbershop, but, dang, you've always wanted to.

    16. Sure, a lot of freshmen go to GatorNights, but they're not so bad!

    17. If all the bricks fall off of Century Tower, then you've done a good job, virgins.

    18. On Wednesdays you wear pink and get yourself some Krishna Lunch spaghetti. Yeah, it comes with chips.

    Wendy Cheng / Via

    19. RIP Cheeburger Cheeburger...?


    21. This godforsaken website is your archnemesis.

    22. You're not supposed to know the "inner" Albert and Alberta, but you have a hunch.

    23. You've definitely spotted a million Gator athletes in line for Chick-fil-A.

    24. Who knows why you waited in that line for a Beat shirt, but you're glad you did.

    25. Oh, is it the end of the third quarter already?

    View this video on YouTube

    Come on Gators, get up and go!

    Feel free to put what you think is missing from the list in the comments!

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