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15 Adorable Styles From Valentino, The Most Fashionable Pit Bull On The Internet

He's here, he's fabulous, and he'd like to show you his amazing smile.

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1. He calls this look "Flower Power!"

2. Sometimes just looking intelligent will be enough to convince people that you are.

3. Valentino hasn't forgotten that winter's right around the corner!

4. A professional look means a professional face.


6. He's like the best summer boyfriend you could've ever had. Look at that style!

7. America should be PROUD to celebrate its birthday with Valentino!

8. Nap time? More like SILLY TIME.

9. Set your rivalries aside, because Valentino will show us the real team we should be rooting for with fashion.

10. Santa definitely knows who the style icon in this photo is. (Hint: it's not Santa.)

11. Valentino embraces friends from all walks of life! Even aliens!

12. Business up front, party 24/7!

13. He even has a sense of humor in his Halloween costumes! (He went as the government. Hysterical, Valentino.)

14. So here's to you, Valentino, you smiley guy!

15. May your holidays be merry and bright!

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