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    14 Animals Who Tried To Ruin Christmas

    Expect too many emotions and too much sass outta these guys, even on Christmas. Just like your human family!


    "Are you Snapchat-ing this right now?"


    "I just get really emotional around the holidays, okay? Like, even though all you got me was a pair of snow booties, it's still really thoughtful, y'know? Don't look at me, I'm an ugly crier."


    "It's a scratching post. Next."


    "Hope you got the Bird Who Has Everything something unexpected and awesome. Because this sure looks, feels and sounds like just one bell, dude."


    "When can we go back to bed?"


    "What an otter-ly unbelievable gift! You haven't opened yours yet; otter you waiting for??"


    "No, no, take your time. I've been waiting all morning, it's totally cool. Who needs breakfast, am I right? Haha. No, it's fine, really."


    "We all brought the same thing for White Elephant this year, and it was herring. Let's all go home."


    "I'm taking my gift back. I changed my mind; I don't want to get engaged anymore. Forget it."


    "Scratch-off lottery tickets? Thanks. The perfect gift for the dog with no thumbs. I'll split the winnings with you - in Hell."


    "You didn't tell me you were inviting Norman! He still hasn't forgiven me for The Thanksgiving Incident. Yes, I know he can hear all of this."


    "Merry Christmas, y'all! Thanks for havin' us. We put the fruitcake in the kitchen and, oh right, we're getting a divorce. Have a blessed holiday!"


    "I got too excited! I was too eager! Thank you for the beef jerky! Hope you don't mind I ate a lot of the other presents too! One of them was socks!"


    "Footie pajamas? That's hot."

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