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7 Things Worse For A Millennial Than Losing Technology

It's just a Millennial thing.

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1. Paper cuts everywhere, forever

2. Waking up to a mosquito swarm in your bedroom

3. Realizing that you're out of milk AFTER pouring the cereal into a bowl

4. Stubbing your pinky toe on the same corner twice in one night

5. Actually making the effort to get up early, prep food, put it in the crock pot, and feeling proud of adulting. Only to return home after class/work to discover it was never turned on...

6. Having to make an actual phone call to schedule an appointment

7. Any store that only takes cash and responds to your dejected look with “Or you could write a check!” Sure, because I definitely keep those on me

Other than that, give me the technology! As digital natives, technology is not a tool which Millennials use - it's the entire toolbox. According to Erik Qualman's 'Social Media Revolution 2015', 53% of Millennials would rather lose their sense of smell than their technology.

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