The 9 Stomach-Churning Stages Of Going To A London Job Interview

It’s something all Londoners will have to go through at least once, but that doesn’t make it any less nerve-wracking…

1. BOOM. You’ve landed yourself a job interview…

2. 1. Once the initial burst of insane joy has passed, you’ll probably feel an odd mixture of things…

3. 2. The first important step is phoning up friends and family to remind them how awesome you are

4. 3. Then the hard work and preparation begins…

Sort of.

5. 4. The night before the big day rolls round you start desperately cramming

‘Why do I want to work for you? Er, the money. Wait, no… shit shit shit.’

6. 5. … and on the big morning, you just can’t settle on what to wear

7. 6. You check TFL at least 26 times before leaving

Then leave 2 hours early anyway, just in case.

8. 7. When you inevitably get there an hour early, you sit and have the least enjoyable coffee of your life

9. 8. While you wait to be called in, you’re too nervous to even play Candy Crush

(You know things are bad when you don’t want to play Candy Crush).

10. 9.Finally, you take a big, deep breath and walk through he door…

11. Don’t forget, though - the build-up is often much worse than the interview itself (and just think how great you’ll feel when it’s all over)…

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