24 Books That Are Absolutely Begging To Be Judged By Their Covers

The good, the bad, and the downright… strange.

1. Awesome Book Covers

First up, here’s how book covers should be done. These first 8 covers are all pretty different, but they’re all also eye-catching, memorable and original…

6. 5. Any Of These Cormac McCarthy Books

10. Incredibly Naff Book Covers

Now on to how it absolutely should not be done…

12. 10.

Okay Lorraine. Thanks for that.

13. 11.

Come on Lorraine, it’s getting silly now.

14. 12.

Please Lorraine, make it stop.

15. 13.


16. 14.

Wow. The days really must fly by.

17. 15.

Busted tractors, sex, and Norwegian torque wrench techniques? You’re spoiling us, Roger.

18. 16.

At last, there’s so much wood I’ve been meaning to identify.

19. The WTF Book Covers

Finally, there are these…

20. 17.

Great picture, Don.

22. 19.

Harsh but fair.

23. 20.

Could be useful, but probably doesn’t really need a whole book.

24. 21.

I think we can hazard a guess as to what the disadvantages might be.

25. 22.

So that’s what the other 90% of the mind is for.

26. 23.

Of course, why wouldn’t you?

27. 24.

Oh good, step-by-step pictures.

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