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The Definitive Ranking Of Every Major Character On "The Vampire Diaries"

Niceness doesn't always top the list...being an evil killer can make for an awesomely badass character.

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29. Jenna Sommers

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Ugh. Jenna sucks. While I commend her for taking guardianship of two teenagers when she wasn’t quite grown up herself, she was a pretty horrible guardian. She even gave Elena the silent treatment when she discovered Isobel was alive. AKA, she got mad at the teenager she was supposed to mother when said teenager’s estranged and hated biological mother showed up on her doorstep…real sensitive, Jenna.

28. Nadia Petrova

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As a descendent of the great Katherine Pierce, you’d think Nadia would be seriously badass. In reality, the character was pretty pathetic and awkward. However, I give her props for trying to help Katherine take over Elena’s body. We all know Katherine works it better than Elena does anyway.

27. John Gilbert

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John was the absolute worst. However, he is the reason Jeremy is still alive and he preserved Elena’s humanity for like a season or two, which bumps him up from the bottom of the list.

26. Lorenzo

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Why is he even still here? Caroline is obviously going to hookup with Stefan soon so any romantic plot Enzo had with her is shot to hell. Damon is wittier than he is and Chai is a much sexier villain than he is, so I really don’t see a need for his presence on the show.

25. Vickie Donovan

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That girl was a basket case. She kept Jeremy on her hook and was trapped on Tyler’s hook, so basically she was the epitome of high school. However, everyone knows high school kind of sucks, and therefore so does Vickie.

19. Elijah Mikaelson

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Elijah is weirdly sexy and surprisingly unpredictable. I could smack him for saving Klaus when he was supposed to help kill him in the season 2 moonstone ritual, but I must say his actions that night added a nice edge to his otherwise honorable and lackluster personality.

18. Bonnie Bennett

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I really don’t know why Bonnie annoys me so much. She is probably the most moral character on the show, and she has literally saved every single important character’s life multiple times. She also makes Jeremy happy, and when Jeremy is happy, I’m happy. However, she can be seriously condescending. Sorry we’re not all perfect like you, Bonnie.

17. Olivia Parker

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If Taylor Swift and Avril Lavigne had a baby, Olivia would be that baby. I can’t tell if she’s kind and emotional and just a bit awkward and immature, or if she seriously gives zero fucks. Either way, her witch-craft comes in handy on the show, and she has awesome hair.

16. Josette Parker

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Jo puts the B in #GirlBoss. She protected her siblings when her crazy brother tried to kill them all, and she saves lives for a living. She also has great cheekbones and a pretty cool boyfriend.

15. Niklaus Mikaelson

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V impressed that he ruins tons of lives, is hated by all vampires, kills Tyler’s mom, and still manages to hook up with Caroline. Sensitive boys are the shit, especially when they hide that sensitive side until they feel comfortable with someone. He definitely knows how to make a girl feel special. #pantydropper

14. Tyler Lockwood

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Tyler is what one would call an extremist. He’s either super awesome or super shitty, with no room in between. We hate him for leaving Caroline to fend for herself for so long, but we can’t forget how adorable he looked when he was wounded and naked with sad puppy (wolf?) eyes on Caroline’s front step after a tough night of perusing under the full moon.

13. Rebekah Mikaelson

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The episode when Elena kills Rebekah before she gets to go to her first ever high school dance is probably the most devastating event of the show. Sure, Rebekah was a giant bitch, but she was just fighting for her right to be a normal giant bitch! She reminded us of the importance of growing up and experiencing adolescence. I will forever cherish every memory of pre-pubescent bat mitzvah drama and drunken high school parties because of Rebekah Mikaelson.

12. Alaric Saltzman

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Alaric is such a boss. He has the most adorable bromance with Damon despite his vampire-hunter instincts, and he totally pulls off day drinking. His biggest flaw is his romantic history. Hopefully Jo will put an end to his long list of annoying vampire ex-lovers.

11. Elena Gilbert the human

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I know we’re supposed to kiss the dirt Elena walks on and all that, but she kind of lacks character as a human. The only reason we love her is because she looks great in a solid-colored V-neck and she’s mastered the art of manipulating Damon. Her relationship with Stefan is also pretty adorable.

10. Malachai Parker

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OH MY GOD HOTTEST VILLAIN EVER!! I don’t even care that he’s a serial killer psychopath. He is freaking hilarious and has the best jaw-line I’ve ever seen. You keep doing you, Chai.

9. Elizabeth Forbes

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Liz Forbes is literally the only parent left on the entire show. And she rocks it. Despite her original hatred of vampires, she has become the single greatest vampire ally. If I ever went to Stars Hollow I would definitely take shots with Elizabeth Forbes. On me.

7. Matt Donovan

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I feel like when people hear Matt’s name, their first instinct is to go “awwww, Matt.” Seriously though, Matt is such an incredible person and just gets screwed over constantly. However, he’s finally starting to find himself and what he wants to do with his life, and that’s pretty awesome. You go, Matt Donovan.

6. Elena Gilbert the vampire

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THANK GOD Elena finally became a vampire. I swear if I had to sit and watch that skinny bitch victimize herself and cry one more time I was going to scream. As a vampire, Elena is still sweet and heroic, but with a slight badass edge. She can finally fend for herself without sending Damon and Stefan to fight her battles for her. Nobody likes a damsel in distress, they’re so not feminist.

4. Stefan Salvatore

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Stefan is every girl’s dream boyfriend. He’s edgy enough without being seriously dangerous, he’s got abs of steel, he’s ridiculously sweet and thoughtful, amazing in bed (from the looks of it), and has a great car.

3. Katerina Petrova aka Katherine Pierce

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Katherine is the coolest, most badass character on the whole show. She’s killed so many of our favorite characters, but we love her just the same. She knows what she wants, and she doesn’t stop until she gets it. She understands that being nice can be overrated, and that sometimes life needs to be a little dirty.

2. Damon Salvatore

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Damon wins for best one-liners and nicest eyes. Elena and Stefan might sometimes hate him, but at the end of the day he’s the one who repeatedly saves their lives. And he looks really good doing it.

1. Caroline Forbes

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Caroline is best character on television, let alone on this show. She is brilliant, motivated, adorable, strong, hilarious, and always says it how it is. She is one of the good guys without being as boring as Elena or as self-righteous as Bonnie. Don’t ever change, Caroline.

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