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The 12 Most Awkward Things That Happened At The Golden Globes

'twas a fabulous night of failed photobombs, major throwbacks, foot fetishes, and drinking alone.

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1. When George Clooney refused to take a shot with Giuliana Rancic on the red carpet.

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Sorry, Giuliana he's spoken for! Which obviously means he can’t be taking tequila shots with hot skinny girls anymore. #whipped

6. When Keira Knightley arrived as the butterfly whisperer.

E! / Via

Love the actress, hate the dress. Cue Regina George: “That is the ugliest effing dress I’ve ever seen.” Missing Joan Rivers more than ever right now.

8. When Jeremy Renner not so subtly mocked JLO about her boobs while they announced together.


JLO: “I’ll open the envelope, I’ve got the nails”

Renner: “You’ve got the globes too.”

Note to teenage boys: 60% of the time, this pickup does not work every time.

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