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Proof That "Fifty Shades Of Grey" Is "Twilight" Without The Vampires

Apparently real life can be as dark and sexy as vampirism. Well, maybe not real life...but something kind of like it??

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We all know that "Fifty Shades of Grey" started as "Twilight" fan fiction. Supposedly, E.L. James changed the story completely and created original characters and events when transitioning the fan fiction piece into a novel. However, many still felt that the novel is a common example of plagiarism, because really the only difference between the two books is the whole vampire situation. The recent release of the movie further proves that the two stories are a bit too similar to both be considered 100% original. See for yourself in the juxtaposed scenes:

The creepy "watching you sleep" scene.

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Better not drool, ladies.

The plethora of seductive "come hither" stares.

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lust at first sight.

The big reveal scene.

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Closeted sex freak vs. secret sparkly vampire...both pretty badass.

The sensual slow dance scene.

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Who even slow dances anymore? Real life = grinding.

When the female protagonist is carried like a baby.

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How are damsels in distress still a thing? Let's talk about feminism....

When the man whisks the woman into the air.

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You don't need to be supernatural to have game.

And, of course, the SEX.

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So, yeah. They're the same movie. Devilish boy meets loner girl, loner girl intrigues devilish boy, devilish boy reveals deep dark secret to loner girl, loner girl is cool with the secret, the two become obsessed with each other to an unhealthy degree, lots of sex is had. Cool story, Hollywood.

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