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    Signs That You Are Definitely A Larry Stylinson Shipper

    Their love is true and real, and you know it

    You're good at noticing small details because of how actively you scrutinize One Direction videos for Larry proof

    And you know all about sailor tattoos thanks to their matching couple tattoos that are so proof of their relationship

    You miss the Larry Golden Age of 2010-2011

    You're a straight girl but love reading smutty Larry fanfiction

    You hate One Direction's management more than you hate Hitler, Osama Bin-Laden, and the Devil

    And you know that Harry always bottoms

    You know how Harry gets really protective of his Boo Bear

    You're friends are tired of how much you obsess over Larry

    And you're tired of them looking at you like this

    You've been asked to rp on omegle

    This comes up on your tumblr dashboard at least once a day

    You live for the Larry moments at awards shows

    This is what happens when Elounor shippers give you hate

    And you know whenever Harry or Louis slips up and there's Larry gossip on the twitterverse this happens

    Niall is the Captain of your ship

    When Harry Styles came out as probably not bisexual all this was you

    Until you realized that Harry is a total princess and definitely swings towards the gay side of the pendulum

    But most of all, you dream of the day when Harry and Louis can just come out and be all cutes and stuff for you