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    20 Unsightly, Portly And Unnappealing Pictures Of Men In Speedos

    Because 99.9% of the population doesn't look like Tom friggin' Daley or Matthew damn Mitcham.

    Squeegees are for people too...

    "You oil mine, I oil yours, we call it a deal?"

    At least his wife's got a cool shirt.

    Don't eat the baby sir!

    Notice how the pool is virtually empty...

    This should be illegal

    Yes! Revel in the mediocre glory!

    This is why you don't let Grandpa out of the house.


    Didn't make the cut on a "Welcome to Miami," greeting card.

    I am so glad you exist speedo-mullet-man.

    Ruins a vacation

    Everyone has a friend like this...

    Pondering life

    I'm sorry if this is your Dad.

    He thinks he's George of the Jungle

    This dude is totally lost...

    No one does it like the master!


    Cuz it's hard being the biggest hunk on the beach...