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CoverGirl's Photoshopped Ad Calls NFL Out For Domestic Violence

Photoshop controversy in the makeup industry took a turn this weekend.

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CoverGirl, the "official beauty partner of the NFL" has released a series of "game day" looks in order to appeal to football fans.

Last year it was "Fanicures." This year, the company is running the campaign "Get Your Game Face On," and has created official team makeup looks seen on their Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.

But the Ravens-inspired image has been unofficially photoshopped to make a statement regarding Ray Rice's act of domestic violence and the NFL's nationally condemned response.

The image, which was accompanied by the hashtag #GoodellMustGo, has circulated around Twitter. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell came under fire after initially sentencing Rice to a two-game suspension and only suspending the player indefinitely from the league once a video of the domestic dispute surfaced.

Journalist Adele Stan has called for women to boycott CoverGirl products until Goodell has been fired.

@addiestan / Via Twitter: @addiestan

Stan was the creator of the original image (above), which was then further photoshopped and has gone viral.

Goodell has neither been fired nor resigned from his position despite the backlash.

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