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    11 Ways To Celebrate Valentine's Day With Your Cat

    How to have the purrfect day with your fur-baby

    1. Take a long, romantic walk along the beach.

    imgur / Via

    2. Have a candlelit bath together.

    Reddit / Via

    Rub a dub dub, kittys' in a tub.

    3. Serenade your cat with a love song.

    Vine / Via

    4. Savour a delightful frozen treat.

    flickr / Via


    5. Have an arts and crafts date.

    Quirk Books / Via
    Baby Social / Via

    Yes, these are literally puppets made from cat hair.

    6. Bond over your mutual love of sports.

    Reddit / Via

    7. Partake in a seafood dinner for two.

    Reddit / Via

    Remember, the fresher the better.

    8. How about a couples massage?

    Alxbngala / Via

    9. Share a romantic beer (or six).

    9GAG / Via

    10. Take a relaxing drive through the countryside with your one and only.

    Lacey Maglinger / Via

    Take a trip you'll remember fur-ever!

    11. Have a cuddle with your special feline, because you know they love you unconditionally all year round.

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