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30 Struggles Of Being An Arab Girl

We roll our dawali and eat it too!

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1. “Are you sure you’re Arab? You don’t look Arab…”

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Um, white folks, you may have forgotten, but you colonized the shit out of the Middle East (still kinda do). We come in all different shapes and sizes.


4. You feel obliged to give a disclaimer when you start dating someone new.

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I'm sure it's a lovely restaurant but it's in my uncle's neighborhood. Lets go somewhere else…perhaps another city?


11. We share an unspoken language with other Arab women.

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A three second gaze can translate to: Yeah we should go soon, I'm down for pizza after. The score is 4-1. They say it's going to rain tomorrow. Can I borrow that top? Of course I recorded Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

12. Your parents typically have nothing nice to say about you…unless it's to other people.

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"My daughter had a full scholarship to study abroad and now she works at the top firm in the state."


16. Western media has fooled the world into thinking we’re oppressed.

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Don't believe everything you read, except this post...everything I wrote has been scientifically proven*

*This post has not been reviewed by any scientist

19. Every birthday some jerk-off relative has to suggest that you're 'expired'.

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"You're running out of eggs…When I was your age, I already had five kids."

Don't you have a cliff to drive off of?


29. You take advantage of people's lack of knowledge of the Middle East and tell people you’re somebody important whenever the opportunity presents itself.

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