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    12 Things That Happened To San Francisco After The Dot Com Bust

    Hippies > Hipsters

    1. San Francisco officially became the city of tech

    p.s. Silicon Valley is an hour drive away

    2. People started massaging their kale

    3. The cost of living skyrocketed

    because new residents had no problem spending an arm and a leg to live in SF

    4. The city made bike lanes

    5. There was a mass teleportation of the SoCal population

    6. The polite aroma of the city was replaced with pretentiousness

    7. Getting publicly shit faced en masse during the day became legitimized by nonsensical festivals

    8. People no longer had to leave their house to go to a laundromat, grocery shopping, or even get laid because “there’s an app that does that for you!”

    9. The diverse culture became diluted by hipsters, bros, and techies

    10. It was all too much so many SF natives moved to the Peninsula and East Bay

    11. Bay Area natives also began to look forward to the next out of town festival for reasons of their own

    12. Basically San Francisco was hit by gentrification

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