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15 Hilarious Couple Halloween Costumes You Can Get On Amazon

Two is better than one.

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2. Tacky travelers you won't have to travel farther than a click on a link to get.

Promising Review: "Great costume! My boyfriend and I were a hit at our Halloween party. It's comfortable and easy to wear. What we loved was that you can add so many different accessories to make this costume even better." —Jen P.

Price: $18.11 Sizes: one size

3. A lug and socket pairing. It'll definitely make Halloween with your significant other litttttt. 🔥

Promising Review: "This was a fun costume! Easy to wear – the fit of the socket dress was perfect, like a tunic. I wore leggings under it. The plug part, as other reviewers said, needed a little help. I put some foam in the front, and cut cardboard, and taped it onto the sides so they stood up better. Otherwise, it didn't look like a plug at all. Once I did that, it was good. My husband isn't into Halloween so this was an easy costume for him. A black shirt and jeans looked perfect! Everyone loved it!!!" —DeannaG

Price: $31.31 Sizes: one size


4. Peanut butter and jelly for a nutty good time.

Promising Review: "I really liked these costumes. They are funny and unique, yet require no work. The print was quite realistic looking and the fit would accommodate many sizes and shapes." —darbyb

Price: $25.86 Sizes: one size

5. King and Queen of Hearts because you know you're the king and/or queen of your significant other's heart so this will be fitting.

Promising Review: "These costumes were really great. They were very comfortable and we got a lot of compliments. We painted our faces as skeletons and wore crowns." —Julie Scott

Price: $32.60+ Sizes: one size


14. Fred and Wilma Flintstone to send you back in time to the Stone Age.

The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.