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    20 Subscription Boxes You'll Want To Order Right Now

    No need to leave your house ever again. You're welcome!

    1. Stitch Fix, a service that's basically the closest you'll get to having a personal stylist.

    2. Graze, a snack delivery for those who want to expand their palate for healthy munchies.

    3. Wine of the Month Club, because what's the point of giving you a list of the best subscription services if it doesn't include one for wine?

    4. Fandom of the Month Club, an amazing subscription service for all the loud and proud geeks out there.

    5. Lush Bites, monthly gluten-free cookies delivered to your doorstep. I hope you're salivating, because I sure as fuck am.

    6. SinglesSwag, for all the single ladies out there, if ya' like it then you should order this box.

    7. Shaker & Spoon, a box you'll get a kick out of if you'd like to think of yourself as a mixologist in the making.

    8. Birchbox, a perfect subscription for the beauty fanatic. Or, for someone who's interested in getting more into makeup and styling products.

    9. BloomsyBox, flowers sent to wherever your heart desires each month. Who needs a significant other when you can send flowers to yourself?

    10. Nostalgia Crate, the box for those who just want to unleash their inner '90s kid still living inside.

    11. Blue Apron, a delivery service that will plan your meals and supply locally-sourced ingredients. All you have to do is cook!

    12. Bookishly's Tea and Book Club, for those who enjoy the simple pleasure of cozying up with a hot beverage and a good read.

    13. CatLadyBox, the ultimate subscription that you and your lil' pal Whiskers can both enjoy.

    14. Single Cup Club, for the coffee connoisseur looking for new ways to drink their favorite beverage each morning.

    15. Themepark Monthly, a trip to Orlando, Florida, every month without having to pay for airfare or hotels.

    16. My Reward Box. Yup, this box is literally meant to reward you for all the hard work you do as a living, breathing person.

    17. Craft Beer Club, perfect for the beer nerd who can't get enough craft beer in their lives.

    18. Roost Crate, basically a trip to the farmers market without having to leave your couch. What more could you want?

    19. Peggy Jean's Pies, for the person who understands that pie is better than cake, and wants to find a box of them at their doorstep when they get home from a long day.

    20. WurkBench, a frisky box of adult toys, because we're just gonna include all the different types of subscription boxes for ya'.