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    If You’re Looking To Update Your Bedroom Here Are 23 Products To Start With

    New year, new bedroom.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. An 1800 thread count microfiber sheet set that'll make your bed way more luxurious than ever before. The deep pockets on the fitted sheet will fit pillow-top mattresses and those with memory foam toppers.

    gray sheet set on bed

    If you're one to suffer from seasonal allergies, then this set is for you! The entire set is hypoallergenic AND fade-, stain-, and wrinkle-resistant.

    Promising review: "Finally, a set of soft sheets that won't make you sweat on a hot summer day! I have been through countless sheets that are crispy, rough, or just too darn small for my pillow top queen, but these are perfect. They have a flannel-like softness without the heaviness, and I did not sweat in them despite the recent humidity. I also love how they fit my monster of a mattress. These fit around all corners without me pulling a muscle stretching them, and it stays in place! I plan on buying another set of these soon." —Bagelbudgie

    Get it from Amazon for $30.90+ (available in various colors and seven sizes).

    2. A touch-up paint pen you simply fill with your paint color of choice and apply to any imperfections you're trying to cover up.

    a person filling the paint pet with red paint
    a person using the paint pen to apply white paint to a door

    Promising review: "Love this — absolutely perfect for touchin' up little spots that need touchin' up. I have several sets filled with different paints and so far they've stayed usable, without the paint drying out. I rinse the brush really well after each use (latex paints) and recap it. It would be nice if the manufacturer put an area on the pen where you could easily label the paint info, but I use a permanent marker, and it works okay." —Hooked on Amazon!

    Get a pack of two from Amazon for $17.99.

    3. And this little bottle of paint touch-up so you can quickly fix chips, cracks, and stains on your walls without having to re-do the whole thing.

    a person using the white touch-up paint

    This paint is nontoxic, zero VOC, low-odor, and solvent-free, so if you're sensitive to chemical smells, this stuff is A-OK!! What makes this different than the one above? Great question! This bottle is already filled with paint so if it's a neutral color you're trying to cover up or you simply don't have the original jar of paint (or remember what the shade was called), this is great. Whereas the pen above is ideal for more specific paint colors and those who still have easy access to the paint color they need. 

    Promising review: "This product is excellent. It goes on easily and covers paint scraps very well. I used it on a door frame that had been chipped. Now the chip is practically unnoticeable. I asked for a sample of colors before buying and received a color chart promptly. I appreciate the customer-friendly attitude of this company." —Educator

    Get it from Amazon for $14.95 (available in 10 shades).

    4. Pull bars to help give your dressers and drawers a seriously sleek upgrade. Say goodbye to those retro handles and hello to these modern ones.  

    golden champagne color handle bars on a dresser
    polished nickel color handle bar on blue drawer

    Promising review: "Very well-built, sturdy, and attractive. They completely turned my kitchen into a new kitchen! Why spend $6 a piece at the local hardware store when you can get this whole set? Highly recommend!" —Jennifer

    Get a pack of 10 from Wayfair for $21.99 (available in five finishes).

    5. A surface cover that'll transform dressers, nightstands, side tables, and more bedroom furniture and surfaces into beautiful marble pieces. 

    reviewer before and after photo of marble surface cover on a nightstand
    reviewer before and after photo of marble surface cover on a dresser

    Check out our write-up of this inexpensive and super cool marble adhesive surface cover!

    Promising review: "Looks AMAZING. Really easy to use, just make sure you measure and get a piece big enough for your item so you don’t have to line up multiple pieces. Took less than 30 minutes to re-do my buffet top from the dark brown granite it used to be." —Brittany renzoni

    Get it from Amazon for $5.99+ (available in four sizes).

    6. A set of six downloadable art prints of your choosing so that your bedroom shows off your personality in a super fun and pretty way. 

    picture showing a customer can pick any six art prints of their choosing
    an example of six art prints customers can purchase from the etsy shop
    Kiki and Nim

    Kiki and Nim is an Etsy shop based in Dallas, Texas, that sells high-quality gallery-style digital art prints. 

    Get it from Kiki and Nim on Etsy for $19.60.

    7. A wood polish and conditioner to help restore your wooden furniture back to factory condition. Did you just get your entire room re-done by an HGTV crew, or are you just super good at picking out cleaning products?

    reviewer photo of wooden furniture looking dirty and scratched up
    the same wooden furniture now looking brand new after using the wood polish and conditioner

    Gives your wooden furniture a protective, soft luster coating thanks to Carnauba wax and beeswax. It also prevents it from drying and fading. Good for use on antiques, dining tables, kitchen cabinets, wood doors, trim, and more.

    Promising review: "This stuff is absolutely AMAZING. My wife and I were getting tired of looking at our worn out cabinets and wood paneling and were very close to paying a professional thousands of dollars to refinish it all, but then we came across this product. Our paneling and cabinets were looking rough. We have two dogs that jumped up and scratched places, we also had an area that was damaged by water spots where our dog bowls were, and several other areas that were just worn from heavy traffic. This stuff was like a magic eraser for water spots, scratches, scuffs, and any other blemish. We simply wiped the product on with a paper towel and let it sit for 20 minutes before wiping it off with a clean towel. Everything looks brand new. I'm buying a couple more so we can finish our cabinets and wood paneling. We're so glad we found this product." —Kris

    Get it from Amazon for $8.98.

    8. A fluffy comforter that'll pretty much transform your bedroom into a luxury suite at a five-star hotel. Literally all you have to do is put it on top of your bed. You're welcome. 

    a fluffy white comforter on a bed

    Promising review: "Can't say enough good things about this comforter! It is beautiful in color, as well as super soft and cozy! The price made it super affordable for anyone wanting a great piece of inexpensive bedding. I am so happy with this that I purchased a second one for my daughter, and I am considering a third one. Just love it!!" —Dedewi

    Get it from Amazon for $42.90+ (available in five colors and seven sizes).

    9. A clothing divider set to help arrange your closet in an orderly ~fashion.~

    The circular clothing dividers with labels
    Gina Marie Originals / Etsy

    Gina Marie Originals is a small business based in Chattanooga, Tennessee that sells a cute variety of closet organizers, shirts, drawer organizers, and more!

    Promising review: "These are EXACTLY what I have been looking for to organize my closet. Not only are these functional, but they add some fun design to my closet. I was blown away by how incredibly fast these arrived." —Amber McCreary

    Get them from Gina Marie Originals on Etsy starting at $16.20/six (available in various set sizes).

    10. Peel-and-stick wallpaper available in a variety of colors and patterns perfect for livening up those boring white walls and making your apartment or house truly feel like home.

    tan herringbone stripe peel and stick wallpaper
    black and white scallop pattern peel and stick wallpaper

    Get it from Target for $34: the Threshold Herringbone Stripe peel-and-stick wallpaper here, the Opalhouse Scallops peel-and-stick wallpaper here, and be sure to check out all of the peel-and-stick wallpaper Target has to offer here

    11. A gel-infused memory foam mattress topper to sink your body into all day, and all night once you get past the honeymoon stage of sinking your hand into it a million and one times, because you can't get over how DEEP it is.

    the foam mattress topper on top of a mattress
    person putting their hand on the topper to show how deep the foam is

    Promising review: "This mattress was definitely worth the money. It transformed my old, hard mattress into a cozy, comfortable bed. When I took it out of the package, I was a bit skeptical, but I followed the instructions, waited 24 hours, and it inflated into a perfect mattress topper. It was so comfortable that I immediately ordered another one for the other bed. The two inch topper was perfect. It was exactly as described, and there was no odor when I took it out of the package. I am very happy with this product and definitely recommend it." —Jaycee

    Get it from Amazon for $39.99+ (available in two styles and seven sizes).

    12. Hexagon shelves that'll serve the double purpose of holding items that typically clutter precious dresser and desk space (like plants, picture frames, etc) while providing your room with some upscale wall decor.

    hexagon shelves on wall holding various items like plants, picture frames, and small pieces of decor
    The Red Barn Designs Co. / Etsy

    The Red Barn Designs Co. is a small business based in Rockford, Illinois that sells wooden home decor. 

    Promising review: "I love these shelves! They look amazing, are easy to hang, and add style to any room! They were well-wrapped for shipping and the instructions for hanging were easy-to-follow." —Lindsey Amador 

    Get it from The Red Barn Designs Co. on Etsy for $25.60+ (available in various finishes, shelf sizes, and set sizes). 

    13. Adhesive glow-in-the-dark stars and spots to beautifully transform your bedroom ceiling into the night sky. The stickers vary in size, are 3D, and will act like a nightlight for midnight bathroom trips.

    star stickers glowing in a dark bedroom

    Promising review: "I decorated my office wall and the stickers glow softly in the dark and adhere to the wall really well, but you can still easily take them on and off the wall until you achieve your completed design. It really brightened up my space." —Cathy A Cebrowski

    Get 332 stickers from Amazon for $7.99.

    14. Wonder Hangers that'll help you group certain garments together, which in turn makes it easier to find that shirt you know you own, but can't seem to find no matter how many times you look.

    clothes hanging horizontally on wonder hangers in a closet

    It comes with 10 hangers that can hold five garments each, 10 if you double them up!

    Promising review: "I use these hangers for shirts and tees. They allow me to easily find any shirt in my closet and take up very little space compared to single shirts on single hangers. I can also group shirts together by style or color on a single swivel hanger. I am now able to hang additional items in my closet without crowding. I bought this in white and the edges are smooth." —CAGH

    Get a pack of 10 from Amazon for $14.99 (available in three colors).

    15. An S-shaped hanger to provide the perfect solution to hanging up pants, jeans, and even accessories or linens! I personally find hanging jeans up side-by-side on separate hangers takes up quite a bit of space. Well... NOT ANYMORE!

    Clothes hanging on S-shaped hangers

    These durable, stainless-steel hangers can hold about five garments each!

    Promising review: "My closet was a disaster area. I couldn’t find my pants, shirts, really anything. I’m so glad I bought this. The three hangers hold 15 pairs of pants total — that’s a lot less hangers! I have more space now." —Amanda L.

    Get it from Amazon for $10.99.

    16. A pack of furniture touch-up sticks that'll help you quickly restore wooden furniture back to the condition it was in when you first decided to buy it. If these touch-up pens would've existed when you were a kid, perhaps your parents would've actually thanked you for drawing on the furniture.

    a reviewer's wooden bed frame with scratches on it
    the same bed frame now free of scratches

    Includes six repair markets, six paper-wrapped wax sticks, and one wax stick sharpener packaged in a blister card. Plus, it comes with six different colors — maple, oak, cherry, walnut, mahogany, and black. To use, just draw over a scratch/scuff/discoloration on your wooden furniture, allow it to dry quickly, and bam! It's magic.

    Promising review: "Better than expected. Blends perfectly and leaves a beautiful sheen. Used them on different shades of wood cherry, oak, and mahogany. I blended several shades of markers on each piece. Blended easily and matched perfectly to the different shades of woods. Used on claw foot dining table, chippendale chair legs, Grandfather clock, china cabinet. All look sensational. Covered sweeper scuffs well. They look new now, not touched up. These stain quickly, so wear disposable gloves and cover floors where you are working. Excellent results." —PhoebeS

    Get a pack of 13 from Amazon for $9.99.

    17. A floating nightstand perfect for keeping things like a lamp, alarm clock, a TV remote, and whatever else it is you like keeping next to your bed while allowing for some additional storage space underneath. 

    the floating nightstand next to a bed
    Krovel Furniture Co. / Etsy

    Krovel Furniture Co. is a small business based in Portland, Maine that sells handcrafted floating furniture. 

    Promising review: "These shelves are super sturdy and easy to install. The look is clean, modern, and very functional." —Josh Love

    Get it from Krovel Furniture Co. on Etsy for $185+ (available in five sizes).

    18. A honeycomb drawer organizer so you can keep the inside of your drawers looking nice and tidy like the rest of your updated bedroom.. 

    reviewer photo of the honeycomb drawer inside of a dresser drawer
    the same reviewer's honeycomb organized now filled with neatly organized socks

    Promising review: "Best product I have bought yet! I even purchased three more for my hubby and his sock drawer. He saw how great mine looked and wanted to use it as well. I have never been organized before, and I love the fact I can SEE where everything is now! I don't have to dig to the bottom of the drawer to find things. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this product!" —DaVincent

    Get it from Amazon for $8.92.

    19. A carpet freshener you simply sprinkle over your carpet or rug (pretending like it's fairy dust, OF COURSE), let it sit for 10–15 minutes, and then vacuum it up. It'll make your room smell fresh and delicious for days. 

    two containers of carpet freshener
    TS_Melts / Etsy

    TS_Melts is an Etsy shop based in Bolton, United Kingdom that creates all sorts of lovely products to make your home smell nice like wax melts, home diffusers, bath bomb rocks, and more. 

    Promising review: "GO AND BUY! I absolutely adore these carpet fresheners! They have made my bedroom and living room smell gorgeous. Even sprinkled some on my mattress and I can safely say I’m in love. I’ll be back next month to order more for myself and family!" —Jessica Higginson

    Get it from TS_Melts on Etsy for $3.53+ (available in four sizes and various scents).

    20. A microfiber blind cleaner for saying goodbye to dust! Sorry, but you will not be missed!

    a person using the microfiber tool to clean blinds

    Includes five microfiber sleeves that can be washed and reused!

    Promising review: "I got more excited about this find than is probably normal! This product is AMAZING! Everyone should own one. I've been using a Swiffer duster to clean my blinds. I have to clean one side, then the other, and there is STILL always dust left behind. This product is a game changer. You can clean both sides of two blinds at once and grip them firmly to get ALL the dust off. " —Sarah

    Get it from Amazon for $7.99+ (available in two colors).

    21. A five-section hanging organizer that'll add some closet shelf space you won't realize how much you truly needed until you hang this handy baby up. The perfect place for handbags, shoes, and folded clothes.

    A gray five-section hanging organizer holding things like clothes, shoes, and a purse

    Made with metal hooks that easily hang from closet rods or garment racks.

    Promising review: "I love this hanging closet organizer, we are using it in our nursery and it is the perfect size for our small closet. I have purchased products like this in the past that had very little structure to them and they sagged at the top — this does not do that, it is very structured — it hangs exactly like in the picture. For a nursery, it is just what I was looking for. Highly recommend." —Chelsea C.

    Get it from Amazon for $18.99.

    22. A super pretty piece of macrame/green leaves decor you can hang in your room to give it an extra chic touch. 

    hanging leaf macrame decor
    BeanDaikon / Etsy

    BeanDaikon is a small business based in Hanoi, Vietnam that sells handmade macrame, boho decor, and other fun gifts! 

    Promising review: "Wow! This is such an amazing piece! So beautiful and unique! And the shipping packaging was spectacular." —cothomps2

    Get it from BeanDaikon on Etsy for $29.01+ (available in two colors and 10 sizes).

    23. A set of black-out curtains to zhuzh up your windows a little with a curtain set that looks elegant and will help keep light out of the room so the sun doesn't wake you up before your alarm clock does.

    gray and white black out curtains on window

    Promising review: "I moved out to the woods and have been buying curtains for our new place online because it's hard to get out to the store. I have returned a couple sets of blackout curtains. These are great quality and will help with keeping heat in. They are also great at blocking out the light. They have a slight sheen and high-quality look. The curtains are white on the back side which is nice too." —Kindle Customer

    Get them from Amazon for $25.58+ (available in various styles and six sizes).

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