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    21 Products All Tea Drinkers Will Want Immediately

    The tea is these products are amazing.

    1. A cookbook filled with delicious sandwich, scone, cake, and other recipes for accompanying your delicious cuppa tea — it's like a trip to high tea across the pond only you don't need a plane ticket.

    2. A stainless steel electric kettle to quickly boil hot water so you can spend more time sitting back, relaxing, and sipping on a cup of your favorite herbal blend.

    3. A variety box that'll provide you with a rotation of 48 delicious tea bags in eight different flavors.

    4. A sloth tea infuser for having a quality tea party with a quality friend. Sloths are known for being slow, but you and this guy are gonna hit it off immediately.

    5. A bottle of organic honey to naturally sweeten your tea — plus, if you rely on tea to help soothe a sore throat, a dash of honey is great at providing some extra relief, too!

    6. A single-serve coffeemaker compatible with K-Cups, but cheaper than most other K-Cup-compatible makers you can find.

    7. A 40-count variety of single serve tea cups for using in a K-cup compatible brewer, and perhaps even finding a new favorite tea blend as you work your way through the box!

    8. Or a reusable K-cup you can fill with your favorite loose leaf tea blend to spare your wallet from constantly purchasing new K-cups, and the environment.

    9. A set of four floral tea cups with lids that'll serve as a super pretty and functional way of sipping your favorite hot beverage, and transporting it from room-to-room without worry of spillage.

    10. A bag of organic matcha green tea powder for whipping up fancy schmancy lattes, smoothies, and more without needing to spend your last paycheck at a boutique coffee shop.

    11. A two-pack of silicone loose leaf tea bags to fill with your blend of choice, steep in hot water, drink, and then throw these babies in the dishwasher, and use them all over again.

    12. A double wall glass infuser bottle that'll make brewing and drinking the perfect cup on-the-go super easy and fast.

    13. A bag of tapioca pearls for keeping on-hand when the craving for a refreshing glass of bubble tea strikes, but you're not quite feeling like leaving the house.

    14. A tea time coloring book to keep any tea lover entertained for hours on end. Not to mention, this is the perfect little pastime to accompany your hot drink... perhaps the drink of choice being TEA.

    15. A glass stovetop teapot with a stainless steel infuser so you can not only boil water, but actually brew your tea at the same time!!! The future is now!

    16. A pack of ginger lemon creme cookies for a satisfying, sweet treat you can savor while having a tea party for one, because let's be real, you won't want to share these yummy cookies.

    17. A tea flower set complete with a teapot, loose leaf tea infuser, lid, and a canister filled with 12 green tea flowers to gift yourself or the obsessive tea drinker in your life...or, you know, just yourself. Watching your tea blossom into a beautiful flower is a life-changing experience.

    18. A super pretty, good ol' whistling stovetop tea kettle that'll make an exquisite addition to any kitchen. You can buy it and use it like it's intended (by boiling water) or just to decorate!

    19. A 16-pack of ginger tea I am currently OBSESSED with, and fell in love with after recently getting the stomach bug — I wanted something other than ginger ale to help me stay hydrated, warm my chilled body, keep my stomach settled, and soothe how crappy how I was feeling, and now I just drink this daily since then because I am in LOVE.

    20. A Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse mug warmer with a matching mug to quickly heat up a cup of tea you've had sitting out a little longer than anticipated, but aren't ready to part ways with quite yet.

    21. A tea tin that'll hold your loose leaf tea or even your tea bags, all while adding a pop of color and a touch of cuteness into your home.

    And that's the tea on that.

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