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    30 Last-Minute Subscriptions That Make Perfect Mother's Day Gifts

    You can't go wrong with a subscription box — and there's still time to snag one.

    1. Book of the Month presents her with five to seven awesome reads each month! She'll get the option to pick one of them (or more if they'd like!), then just read, review, and repeat!

    various book titles including people we meet on vacation, what comes after, the hunting wives, arsenic and adobo, and libertie
    @bookofthemonth / Via www.instagram.com

    What she'll get: One book (or more) of her choice each month. She'll be given the option to pick a new book each month or skip a month (because they understand she may very well need more than a month to get through a book or might not like a certain month's book options!), and she can cancel at any time if she decides this isn't the subscription for her.

    Get it from Book of the Month: $49.99 for a three-month subscription.

    2. Seasonal Garden Plant Box delivers houseplants, succulents, or air plants right to her door. It'll be a lovely surprise to find out what she gets each month, and will surely make her heart blossom.

    four potted plants

    What she'll get: Each month, she'll receive a custom-crafted selection of lovely houseplants as well as other great surprises such as plant fertilizer, planters, and display stands.

    Get it from Cratejoy: starting at $41.67/box.

    3. Birchbox is perfect for the mom who's obsessed with all things beauty and is always ready to try out some new products.

    assortment of beauty products like acure night oil and sunday riley retinoid serum
    @birchbox / Via www.instagram.com

    What she'll get: Each month, she'll get a box of five beauty samples filled with all all types of skincare, hair, and style products. You can also create a profile so they know what to send her.

    Get it from Birchbox: starting at $13/month.

    4. Dia & Co, a plus-size styling service, connects users with a personal stylist who works to curate a selection of clothes and accessories that mom will love. She can buy what she likes, and send back what she doesn't.

    various accessories and plus size clothing items
    @diaandco / Via www.instagram.com

    What she'll get: She'll instantly be connected with one of Dia's personal stylists who will select items for her based on her style and fit choices. You can select how often you'd like for her to receive a box, and when her box comes, she'll have five days to try on the pieces, keep what she likes, and send back what she doesn't want. They'll charge for the items she decides to keep. And guess what? Shipping is free!

    Get it from Dia: $20 for the personal style fee for each box, plus whatever pieces she decides not to send back. P.S. — if she chooses to keep one or more of the items in her box, the $20 styling fee will be waived.

    5. Vices gives her a quality mix of luxury foods, wine, toys, tools, spirits, and more from luxe brands that make the perfect gift for any time of the year, honestly. So if she really likes it for Mother's Day, keep it in mind for her birthday and other holidays, too!

    cans of loa colombe lattes, a coffee maker, a bottle of liquor, and more
    @robbvices / Via www.instagram.com

    What she'll get: An assortment of hand-curated products from luxury brands (like Breville and Equinox) that includes food, wine, spirits, coffee, toys, gadgets, and more. Choose between getting a month-to-month subscription, three boxes in three months, six boxes in 12 months, or 12 boxes in 12 months.

    Get it from Vices: starting at $99.95/month.

    6. Rosetta Stone provides an immersive learning experience for the mom who is interested in learning a new language. Rather than flipping through a bunch of flashcards, she'll be given the content and tools to help motivate and set her up for successful interactions.

    a phone with a rosetta stone lesson pulled up on it
    @rosettastone / Via www.instagram.com

    What she'll get: She'll get to learn a new language by going through an immersive experience crafted by real linguists rather than crowd-sourced flashcards. She'll also have access to a suite of helpful tools that'll set her up to succeed in real world conversations.

    Get it from Rosetta Stone: starting at $11.99/month for one language for three months ($35.97 due at signup), $7.99/month for unlimited languages for 12 months ($95.88 due at signup; there are 25 languages available), or $179 upfront for a lifetime of unlimited languages.

    7. Yes Plz Coffee delivers fresh beans to her doorstep every week. It's the perfect way to ensure she'll always brew a cup of something delicious without ever getting bored.

    a bag of coffee beans
    @yesplzdotcoffee / Via www.instagram.com

    What she'll get: Depending on which plan you choose, she'll get a delivery every week, every two weeks, every three weeks, or every month. You can opt for a bag that brews between 15–20 cups, or a bag that brews between 18–25 cups. Blends include ones like their Dynamic Duo — it contains notes of chocolate, marzipan, and ripe fruit.

    Get it from Yes Plz Coffee: starting at $17/shipment.

    8. Jersey Shore Cosmetics send all-natural, organic balms each month that'll leave her lips feeling soft, smooth, and smelling super yummy.

    Lip balms from the Jersey Shore Cosmetics box
    Jersey Shore Cosmetics / Cratejoy

    What she'll get: She'll receive two balms from this fabulous Black-owned company at her doorstep each month. Each balm has a value of $10–$22 and is all-natural, organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, cruelty-free, and plant-based.

    Get it from Cratejoy: starting at $5.42/box.

    9. Laurel & Reed sends full-sized and all-natural luxury beauty and skincare products that will help make her feel extra pampered.

    assortment of clean beauty products
    @laurelandreed / Via www.instagram.com

    What she'll get: Each month, she'll receive a box of three or more full-sized, luxury, cruelty-free, and nontoxic beauty products with a total retail value of $100+. All boxes come gift-wrapped!

    Get it from Cratejoy: starting at $43.95/box.

    10. BloomsyBox delivers beautiful, fresh flower bouquets right to her doorstep — because you can never go wrong with flowers on Mother's Day.

    person holding bouquet of flowers
    Cratejoy / Via www.instagram.com

    What she'll get: A beautiful, single variety bouquet of fresh flowers from sustainable farms around the globe each month.

    Get it from BloomsyBox: starting at $44.99/month.