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    32 Gorgeous Long-Sleeve Tops You'll Want To Buy Immediately

    No actually, NEED to buy immediately.

    1. A deep V-neck plaid shirt for wearing the coziest-looking print of all time in a whole new way — pair it with jeans and riding boots, and you're g2g for the day.

    2. A high-low beauty to rock with a pair of a black skinny jeans or leggings during the day at work, and wear afterward for dinner or drinks with your squad.

    3. An open back option that really will be business in the front and a whole damn partay in the back.

    4. A color block striped slit long-sleeve so you can trick people into thinking you just walked off the runway, because you're gonna look like you did.

    5. A top featuring patchwork sleeves and a pocket for not only looking comfy and trendy, but for storing snacks.

    6. A star-print wrap beauty to show everyone that your fashion sense is truly out of this world.

    7. A round neck option with button detailing on the side that'll go great with your favorite pair of jeans or leggings, some ankle booties, and a hot drink in hand.

    8. A black sequin striped beauty so you can instantly transform yourself into the life of the party, not that we or anyone else had any doubt that you already were, but just to confirm your title.

    9. A V-neck top for adding to your wardrobe just for the adorable sleeves alone, damnit.

    10. A button-down tie-front beauty to rock at work, school, hanging out with friends, or just while running around doing errands.

    11. A lace tunic that'll have you twirling for dayzzzz out of sheer desire to just show off this damn cute shirt.

    12. A graphic top so you can show off that yeah, you do live off of a consistent, well-balanced diet of ramen, ramen, and more ramen. But only because you're too busy buying yourself clothes, damnit.

    13. A rainbow-print top for buying just because everyone should own a shirt with a rainbow on it because why the hell not.

    14. A simple cold-shoulder beauty to go with just about any pair of bottoms you own, and wear throughout the year. New Year's party? Check. Sitting outside for dinner with friends in the summer heat? Check.

    15. A floral striped sleeve option that'll add a slight pop of detail and color without going overboard. Like, it's cool, but doesn't try too hard to be cool, ya feel?!

    16. A mesh front puff shoulder blouse you can rock with your favorite high-waisted skirt, jeans, or pants, in a hella stylish going-out ensemble.

    17. A flower-printed wrap top for what will inevitably become your favorite shirt. The colors are just so pretty, and the design is just so gorgeous, and the style is just so fabulous.

    18. A waffle knit tie-front beauty to buy in every color. Not because you want to, but because you need to.

    19. A flower patch top that'll stand out from anything else you own — even if it's floral print — in the best way possible.

    20. A wrap top you can wear to work, going out all night with your friends, a family holiday gathering, or just having a casual day — it's versatile and so cute.

    21. A criss-cross blouse for buying immediately because every fashionista should have a basic top in this style for wearing a million and one different ways.

    22. A semi-sheer beauty featuring lace accents and puffed sleeves to show 'em yes, you are one classy AF betch.

    23. An option that'll show off your fun side with its one cold shoulder detail and twist front, because if a simple long-sleeve shirt could emulate the word "fun," this would be the one.

    24. A lace cold-shoulder so you can one-up all your friends in their cute cold-shoulder tops in one that's even better, even cuter. Yas queen, you win.

    25. A plunging ruffled crop for wearing with your fave high-waisted jeans or skirt and never ever wanting to take off.

    26. A cowl neck tunic featuring not one, but two pockets, so you know what that means? DOUBLE THE SNACKS YOU CAN HOLD!! You are so welcome.

    27. A studded long-sleeve bodysuit that'll be the perfect addition to your rotation of going-out clothes for those rare few nights you decide to not be a grandma.

    28. A V-neck cold shoulder for combining two great trendy looks into one stylish as hell shirt.

    29. A vertical striped top to get versatile with and wear with jeans, leggings, a skirt, shorts, tucked in or out, buttoned up, or kept open while wearing a tank underneath.

    30. A long sleeve beauty that'll look like a normal, ordinary plain top in the front. But turn around and voila, there's a cute zipper detail in the back.

    31. A snake skin-print wrap top for wearing if anyone dare come for your sense of style — just walk into the room wearing this like hiss hiss, betch, look @ me now.

    32. A ribbed soft knit with split flare cuffs to wear on days you wake up and just wanna be comfy, but also don't wanna sacrifice looking trendy, who said you have to give up one or the other?!

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