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    20 Creative And Unique Birthday Cards You Can Buy On Etsy

    "Just to be sure we're managing expectations here, the card is the gift."

    1. A perfect card for the person who will probably be spending their special day binge-watching Tiger King... and every day leading up to their birthday and following it, too.

    A card that reads "Wishing you an exotic birthday" with an illustration of Joe Exotic and a tiger

    2. A sweet sentiment to let your favorite person know that they really are your favorite person. Or, you know, you could always just give this to yourself, if that's who your favorite person is.

    A card that reads "Happy birthday to my favorite person" in blue and green font

    3. A cute option that'll bring a smile to the face of anyone who loves plants, or just a cute pun. Pretty sure this is what Kelly Clarkson was referring to in her 2009 smash hit, "My Life Would Suck Without You."

    A card that reads "Life would succ without you" with illustrated succulents

    4. A hilarious card for sending as a totally believable excuse as to why it's late. It's the thought that counts, right?!

    A pink card that reads "Trust me, I didn't forget. It's the card that's late! Happy birthday!" in white font

    5. A great choice for the birthday star who always appreciates a good food pun. Plus, look at how smiley and precious those little cuties are.

    A card that reads "Dim-sum body say it's your birthday?" with two illustrated dim-sum printed on it

    6. A colorful option that'll make for a great card to send to just about anyone — family members, friends, etc. You can't go wrong with balloons and a pretty font.

    A card that reads "Happy birthday" on colorful watercolor balloons

    7. A card for sending the person whose idea of the perfect rager is getting all comfy on their couch and eating an entire bag of frosted animal cookies — a snack created by the heavens above.

    A card that reads "Happy birthday, you party animal" with illustrated frosted animal crackers

    8. A funny choice to ensure the receiver knows that — plain and simple — all they're getting is a card. *Cue opening the card and shaking it justttt to be sure you didn't slip anything else inside.*

    A card that reads "Just to be sure we're managing expectations here, the card is the gift" in blue and white

    9. A super cheesy card, get it, cheesy? Because it's literally a cheese joke? Well, it'll make the cheese lover in your life smile.

    A card that reads "Have a wheely gouda birthday" with an illustrated cheese wheel, cheese slice with a candle on top, and a mouse wearing a party hat

    10. A personalized option for giving them a card they'll truly cherish. On the order page, you'll select what the receiver's relationship is to you and you'll be given a space to enter their first name.

    A card that reads "Happy birthday" and can be personalized by name and has an illustrations of leaves

    11. A fun pick to give the person who's your main squeeze, who makes lemonade with you when life throws you lemons, and who is always so full of zest!

    A card that reads "Happy birthday to my main squeeze" and has a cut-out lemon pasted on it

    12. An adorable choice for sending to a cool chick. According to the 2019 hit bop, "ME!" there are in fact, a lot of cool chicks out there, so perhaps you'd like to stock up on a few of these babies to send to all of them.

    A card that reads "Happy birthday to one cool chick" with an illustration of a chick wearing sunglasses

    13. A comical option to really make you think about the whole sending cards ordeal. Who came up with this whole tradition anyways? Well, you're still sending them a card, so that's nice of you.

    A white card with blue text that reads "As is tradition, here is a piece of card folded in half. Have a very happy birthday"

    14. A wonderful card for giving to the person who is the Dwight Schrute to your Michael Scott.

    A card that reads "Happy birthday you ignorant slut" with an illustration of Michael Scott from "The Office" wearing a party hat

    15. A punny choice for giving your significant other, er, sorry, I mean, otter. How you're gonna find a better card than this for them in future years is beyond me, TBH. Guess you'll just have to wait and sea.

    A card that reads "Happy birthday to my significant otter" with two illustrated otters wearing party hats and holding paws

    16. A watercolor birthday cake option they may just find to be more delicious-looking than their own birthday cake. Unfortunately for them, this card isn't edible.

    17. A lovely pick so you can toast to their birthday in the best possible way. Sure, toasting with champagne is great, but toasting with an excellent pun is even better.

    A card that reads "A toast to your birthday" with a pop up toaster and two pieces of toast with party gear holding hands

    18. A party sloth card they'll cherish forever. I mean, it's a SLOTH wearing a PARTY HAT. You deserve a trophy for picking out a card like this.

    19. A lovely card that will simply have to suffice until science can figure out how to program bubble tea that can grow arms, carry balloons, and sing your loved one a happy birthday.

    A card that reads "Happy birthday cu-tea!" with  an illustration of bubble tea holding balloons

    20. And last, but certainly not least, a fabulous, and extremely modest choice so the receiver never forgets how lucky they are to have the gift that is you. BRB, making a mental note to give this to my parents.

    A yellow, white, black, and pink card that reads "Happy birthday! You already have me so I don't know what else there is to wish for"

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