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    Here Are The Best Sandwich Spots In Every State, According To Yelp

    SandWHICH one do you wanna try first?

    Who doesn't love a good sandwich? Fillings of your choice being packed in-between two pieces of bread? There are so many ways a sandwich can be made. Meat, no meat. Piled high with veggies. Cheese. Sauces. So many different bread options. I'm hungry just thinking about it. There are tons of places you can go to fulfill your sandwich craving when it hits, but sometimes (ALL the time), you just want the best of the best.

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    So thanks to our friends at Yelp, who use an algorithm that ranks reviews on their site, we were able to find the best sandwich spot in each state.

    Grab a napkin (for drool-catching purposes), and check out the 51 best sandwich spots across the US!

    1. Flip Flop Deli Shop, Gulf Shores, Alabama

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    "This is an awesome choice for lunch in Gulf Shores. The sandwiches are huge and shareable with friends or family. Try the turkey club wrap. You can get your order to go to take to the beach or back to your condo. The staff is friendly, and the atmosphere is fun. There are only a few tables to eat at inside, and it gets pretty busy, but it was worth the short wait for our sandwiches. For $10, you will be stuffed — a great value." —Yelper Tami S.

    2. MVP Sports Deli & Eatery, Anchorage, Alaska

    Andrew H. / Via

    "I've been looking for a great sandwich place, and this place did not disappoint. I had the Triple Crown sandwich. It was amazing. The sauce and flavor of the meats were paired perfectly. I think I found my new favorite spot. I would highly recommend this." —Yelper Nathan K.

    3. Not Your Typical Deli, Gilbert, Arizona

    Not Your Typical Deli / Via

    "HANDS DOWN AMAZING! The BBQ Pastrami sandwich was so full of flavor and you could taste every flavor the sandwich had to offer. It looked big but not unappetizingly big. The cookies are big and delicious as well. Definitely milk dunking-worthy cookie." —Yelper Melissa A.

    4. Green Submarine, Fayetteville, Arkansas

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    "This is one of my favorite places to grab a sandwich in Fayetteville. They have so many options, but the best thing by far is how fresh all their ingredients are and how much flavor they add to their sandwiches! Highly recommend." —Yelper Gracie L.

    5. Strada Eateria & Coffee, Los Angeles, California

    Moshe H. / Via

    "So good! Delicious sandwiches with quality ingredients. Genuine and friendly service, too. If it's your first time, they'll let you try the meats! Everything was good. My favorites were the chorizo, gypsy bacon, and pork belly. The bread is really good and everything just tastes really balanced. We tried the chorizo and the turkey. Can't wait to go back and try another sandwich. They also seem to have a lot of interesting lemonade and limeade options that sound refreshing. To-go packaging is also nice." —Yelper Jane L.

    6. City Bakery Cafe, Denver, Colorado

    Melissa L. / Via

    "Ok, people are not lying when they say the French dip here is amazing. Now that I'm thinking about it I want to go get one for lunch today. The bread is of course made in-house, and the au jus paired with the sandwich makes it sooooo delicious. I can't even describe to you how necessary it is that you go down there and try this sandwich for yourself. The woman working the front counter was very sweet and even gave me a free pretzel!" —Yelper Jessie W.

    7. Press On Sandwich Crafters, North Stonington, Connecticut

    Kerri P. / Via

    "This is by far the best sandwich shop in the region!! The sandwiches are so creative and delicious, and the specials are always like a breath of fresh air. There is something here for everyone — whether you want to enjoy your old favorite each day, or try something new and interesting. The soups and sides are wonderful as well! My husband is a regular at Press On, and I don't know how he could make it through the day without it! The staff is great as well. A must-try!" —Yelper Alexis W.

    8. Frank & Louie's Italian Specialties, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

    Meg T. / Via

    "This small Italian deli is a real gem. Sandwiches are piled high with the best quality meats and cheeses and are on a really nice roll. The fresh mozzarella is a real treat, as is the prosciutto. Get a sandwich to take to the beach. Pro tip: call ahead and place your order as the secret is out and waits can be as long as two hours. Pro tip #2: grab some delicious pignoli or Italian wedding cookies for dessert." —Yelper Matt S.

    9. Barracuda Deli Cafe, St Pete Beach, Florida

    Mike D. / Via

    "Great Cuban-style sandwiches. Sandwiches are pressed so they are slightly more dense than what I was used to, but it was great. Fantastic friendly service. The roasted pork in my sandwich was amazing. Very little wait on a weekday. It also seemed to be where the locals eat, instead of only tourists." —Yelper Devin G.

    10. RW's Subs, Duluth, Georgia

    Paul K. / Via

    "Every sandwich I've gotten here tastes amazing and this place is always packed so there seem to be a lot of people who agree with me. Also, they are fast as heck! I can give them a 10-minute heads up on takeout and they've got it, no sweat. Very affordable and the staff are always friendly. I love this place." —Yelper Allen P.

    11. Sandy's Sandwiches, Haleiwa, Hawaii

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    "Sandy's was parked outside our vacation rental. While waiting for our group to get ready, we walked over and ordered a couple of sandwiches, oh, and of course the pastrami burger. OMG — was it delish!! Six months later I visited Hawaii again, and Sandy's was my first stop!!! Try it, you won't be disappointed!!" —Yelper Jessica C.

    12. Arugula Deli, Idaho Falls, Idaho

    Nikki B. / Via

    "We were driving through Idaho Falls and took a chance on this restaurant. So glad we stopped! We split a Chivito sandwich from Uruguay with steak, ham, bacon, and an egg with caramelized onions on homemade ciabatta bread. Wow! Make a point of coming to this restaurant. You won't be disappointed!" —Yelper Leslie S.

    13. Nini's Deli, Chicago, Illinois

    Carlos T. / Via

    "This is probably one of the best sandwiches I've had in all of Chicago!!! The atmosphere is nice and clean. Their staff is amazing and very friendly. Food comes out fast — it is very fresh and comes out perfect. I've been here multiple times and they have never let me down. I highly recommend you to get the Kitchen Sink, it is to die for and is worth it!" —Yelper Jacob H.

    14. Panini Panini, Michigan City, Indiana

    Joseph G. / Via

    "I cannot say enough about this gem! Came upon it through Yelp. The sandwiches are fresh and delicious. So good in fact that my husband and I went back two days in a row. But the thing that stands out are the people that work there. I have never been to a restaurant where the employees are so nice. Can't wait to go back when we are in town." —Yelper Cheryl M.

    15. Her Soup Kitchen, Iowa City, Iowa

    Hayley B. / Via

    "Best lunch place I've maybe ever been. We were greeted warmly by the owner and because we had our baby in her stroller with us, she took the time to make room just for us. She asked us if we had any questions about the menu, (this was our first time), and really treated us like family. The sandwiches, soup, and salad were so good, so FRESH, and we loved the cucumber water. This will be our go-to lunch place in Iowa City from now on!" —Yelper Katie B.

    16. Joe's Kansas City Bar-B-Que, Kansas City, Kansas

    Andrew F. / Via

    "This is the best BBQ on the planet. Go when they have the burnt ends special, order that and fries, and die happy. The sauce is the best in the city. The Z-Man sandwich is legendary. They also have seasonal chili which is out of this world delicious." —Yelper Alex S.

    17. Dad's Favorites, Lexington, Kentucky

    Rebecca A. / Via

    "This place has delicious sandwiches. They make their own cheese spread. You can even sample all the different cheese spreads and they will give you information about each one. Staff is very friendly. This place is only open a few hours a day during the week for lunch, so make sure you check hours before you visit." —Yelper Christen M.

    18. Faubourg Bistro, New Orleans, Louisiana

    Faubourg Bistro / Via

    "Extremely delicious food! I got the firecracker cauliflower sandwich with a side of mac and cheese, and it was heavenly. Massive portions for a very reasonable price. Relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff! I would absolutely recommend this place to anyone visiting New Orleans! A hidden gem for sure!!!" —Yelper Molly F.

    19. Henry VIII Carvery, Kittery, Maine

    Chantal O. / Via

    "Great sandwiches! Meat is roasted on-site and generously portioned. Roll is soft and fresh. The au jus isn't too salty, and the horseradish sauce has just the right amount of bite. The location is easy to get to, and the seating area is clean and charming. A great find along the road!" —Yelper Tammy S.

    20. Ekiben, Baltimore, Maryland

    Melissa Z. / Via

    "A Baltimore favorite for their Asian sandwiches. Super large portions for the price and I got the neighborhood bird which was spicy and tender all around. The pickled vegetables perfectly complemented the flavors. I got the bun for the novelty, which was delicious. Overall 10/10 would recommend. Also! Get the fried broccoli as a side. So simple, but way more tasty than normal tempura." —Yelper Melissa Z.

    21. Dave's Fresh Pasta, Somerville, Massachusetts

    Mattison C. / Via

    "Their sandwiches and fresh-made pastas are amazing! I love stopping by for a sandwich and grabbing some pasta for dinner that I just throw into homemade sauce. It is also a small Italian market. They have an assortment of fresh vegetables and cured meats. There are so many useful yummy things in here. If you don't have anything to eat, go here, you'll find something." —Yelper Annie S.

    22. Ernie's Market, Oak Park, Michigan

    Darian S. / Via

    "Ernie's is exactly the kind of place you're looking for when you download the Yelp app. It's a hidden gem in Oak Park. We were greeted by Ernie and his workers, and they made our sandwiches quickly! I had the famous monster sandwich with everything, and it didn't disappoint. Plus only $9! I highly recommend you stop here for lunch." —Yelper Matt M.

    23. Zuppa Cucina, Shakopee, Minnesota

    Zuppa Cucina / Via

    "The five stars are for the sandwiches only, because that's all I've tried so far. They're AMAZING! Seriously recommend this place. My wife and I found our new go-to sandwich shop. Not going anywhere else if we're craving a sandwich." —Yelper Mark P.

    24. The Grind Coffee and Nosh, Biloxi, Mississippi

    Kate T. / Via

    "I had the breakfast sandwich on a croissant with bacon and pepper jack cheese. My boyfriend had the Mediterranean panini and a salad. The food was fresh and the restaurant is very clean. The banana nut muffin was amazing! Definitely going back when I come back here." —Yelper Amber G.

    25. Blues City Deli, Saint Louis, Missouri

    Sylvester N. / Via

    "Best sandwich in St. Louis. The prices are amazing for how big the sandwiches are. I have never had anything but an amazing experience at this classic and historical establishment. Thank you for an awesome experience!" —Yelper Jacob S.

    26. Tagliare Delicatessen, Missoula, Montana

    Victoria T. / Via

    "Not your typical hoagie joint. This place uses quality Italian meats and cheeses, fresh veggies, and the sandwiches are expertly and carefully prepared so you get a perfect bite every time. Unique and classic sandwiches with great musically- influenced names. Sandwiches are pretty big, so I always save half for later. They have a good selection of Italian sodas and high-end crackers as well as items for your charcuterie board. It might seem pricey for a sandwich, but you can really taste the quality." —Yelper Jami L.

    27. Banhwich Cafe, Lincoln, Nebraska

    Laurie S. / Via

    "Honestly, there's nothing to complain about, which is upsetting because it's one of my favorite pastimes. Food quantity is excellent. I expected to get exactly what I got for how much I paid, so good on these guys for portion quality. Customer service was as expected, too. Quick and prompt just like quick service should be. Food quality is DOPE. I had the #16 which had beef and kimchee, and it was delicious. I love it when a restaurant can feed me kimchee without making me barf. They also have little punch cards where you can get free stuff if you buy a certain number of sandwiches. Final verdict: will return." —Yelper Gage G.

    28. Karved, Las Vegas, Nevada

    Kimberly M. / Via

    "This place was AMAZING and totally deserving of the five stars it's rated! The porchetta sandwich was recommended, and MAN it didn't disappoint. The elote corn on the cob was SO yummy. Only regret is I was so full I couldn't have the frozen Greek yogurt with baklava crumbles . Definitely recommend this place to anyone wanting something delicious!" —Yelper Carla R.

    29. Jon's Roast Beef & Deli, Laconia, New Hampshire

    Jill C. / Via

    "I ordered the house special roast beef sandwich, and it was amazing!! The roll was so soft and heated, and the meat was tender and thinly sliced with the perfect combo of sauces that really made the sandwich. I loved how they put the pickles in cute little plastic bags to hold the brine, and it was wonderfully sour and salty. I wish I lived closer, as I would be spending all my lunch money here. Definitely check this awesome restaurant out, support a local business, and skip the fast food chains nearby." —Yelper Mike M.

    30. Andrea Salumeria, Jersey City, New Jersey

    Michelle C. / Via

    "Simply amazing. That's the best way to describe it, I went in not knowing what I wanted or what would go well together, but the guys there were extremely welcoming, helpful, and pretty witty, too. I got an awesome sandwich, some of their fresh-made mozzarella, and couldn't resist getting some freshly-piped cannoli's. I can certainly see why these guys are seen as the best deli in NJ on multiple lists!" —Yelper Hersh S.

    31. Banh Mi Coda, Albuquerque, New Mexico

    Nathan N. / Via

    "This was the best sandwich I've ever had! The pork was tender and delicious with crunchy veggies served on fresh, homemade bread. To top it off, I had a jackfruit smoothie that was delicious and refreshing. Friendly staff and awesome food. If you have never had a banh mi, you must try one!" —Yelper Rochelle R.

    32. Rossi Rosticceria Deli, Poughkeepsie, New York

    Peter D. / Via

    "If you're been on a quest looking for an amazing sandwich place, you just finished. Rossi's is so good, it genuinely makes you smile and happy while you're eating your sandwich. They're friendly, local, quick, and affordable. Not to mention, busy at peak hours, so maybe go a little early. They also have a really nice selection of Italian snacks to bring home." —Yelper Jerry C.

    33. South College Sandwich & Deli, Wilmington, North Carolina

    Nathan B. / Via

    "The reviews don't lie! This place does sandwiches right! The bread is made in-house and is super fresh. The staff is friendly. The house-made chips which are seasoned with onion powder are delicious, especially with a side of their house-made ranch or spicy ranch, (I always get a side of each). Definitely recommend stopping by!" —Yelper Brooke L.

    34. Magic City Hoagies, Minot, North Dakota

    Magic City H. / Via

    "The best sandwich place in town. Everything is fresh. The meat is fresh cut, not pre-packaged like other places. The vegetables are crisp and flavorful. The bread is excellent. They have hot and cold sandwiches, and a specialty sandwich menu. There are chips, potato salad, fries, or macaroni salad as sides, or a soup of the day. There is usually a 'sandwich of the day' option, too. The staff is out of this world friendly and helpful, and open to any new ideas to help the place grow. This is how an establishment should be run." —Yelper Billy R.

    35. Express Deli, Brook Park, Ohio

    Express Deli / Via

    "Ohhhhhh, wow! Went in this morning and was greeted very warmly by the owner. He took me on a tasting tour of their three most popular sandwiches, but I had my mind set on the Rueben wrap. It was incredible, and that's an understatement! The food AND service were top notch — I can't say that about very many establishments. These people work hard and love what they do and it shows. The owners are the ones operating the business, and no doubt that is a huge part of why they're doing so well! This place is a true gem." —Yelper K T.

    36. The Mule, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

    Glenn B. / Via

    "I love this place! The atmosphere is hip and happening, the sandwiches are delicious, the staff are friendly and accommodating, and the food comes quickly even when they are busy — they are always busy! I love that they have vegan and vegetarian options that are really delicious and well thought out." —Yelper Brittani N.

    37. The Sparrow Bakery, Bend, Oregon

    Kristine G. / Via

    "Stopped into this cute little spot for breakfast while visiting Bend, and it's by far the best place we went to for our weekend trip. Sparrow offers a large variety of both sweet and savory snacks, and every one we tried was phenomenal. The breakfast sandwich is perfect in every way, with a soft poached egg and the best croissant I think I've ever had. Grab a breakfast sandwich with a vanilla latte, and you won't be disappointed." —Yelper Shelby B.

    38. Christie's Deli, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Grace K. / Via

    "This place is a hidden GEM! The customer service is superb and their sandwiches are AMAZING! I have eaten here a few times and it never disappoints. As soon as you walk in, you are greeted by a smile and a hello from the cashier who I believe is the owner. They have a daily special and one of them is the spicy meatball sandwich, which is a very unique sandwich and always a good decision. The spicy chicken salad sandwich is one of the best sandwiches I've ever had and I order it quite frequently. I highly recommend this place next time you are looking for a good bite to eat." —Yelper Kevin W.

    39. Shayna's Place, Providence, Rhode Island

    Alexandra C. / Via

    "This is by far one of my favorite places to grab a quick lunch. Located on the main street in Wickford, this hidden Gem is quickly becoming very popular. The sandwiches are made with fresh ingredients and quality cold cuts — you can actually taste the freshness. They have gluten-free and vegan options, and a juice bar. The owners of this place are super friendly, and when they are there they always check to make sure everything is to your liking." —Yelper Andrew D.

    40. Boxcar Betty's, Charleston, South Carolina

    Kat T. / Via

    "I live in Florida and have family in the area. I love my family, but the first thing I do when I come and visit is stop at Boxcar Betty's. The Boxcar fried chicken sandwich crushes any other place! I switch my cheese out for cheddar, because I like cheddar cheese more. Chick-fil-A and Popeyes, (or any other chicken sandwich), shouldn't even be in the conversation. If you want to take a bite of something and have your taste buds light up like the fourth of July, then this is the place for you. Oh, and their fries are just as delicious!" —Yelper Taylor P.

    41. Bread & Circus Sandwich Kitchen, Sioux Falls, South Daokta

    Bread & Circus Sandwich Kitchen / Via

    "By far the most sophisticated, yet unpretentious food in Sioux Falls. The chef's classic training is evident in the subtle and skilled refining of classic or seemingly familiar sandwiches. The porkstrami sandwich was simply awesome! The brisket was smoked perfectly and aided by the on-point Carolina BBQ sauce, (although a native of S.F., I've lived in the South for awhile now). This is as good or better than the best Southern BBQ I've had. The patio offers a great atmosphere to compliment the outstanding food. Oh, by the way, don't don't forget to order the naughty fries!" —Yelper Justin B.

    42. Sweet 16th Bakery, Nashville, Tennessee

    Randi Q. / Via

    "Get the famous breakfast sandwich if you come here! Only $3 for a delicious egg and cheese biscuit sandwich, so yummy!! All the pastries are delicious as well, just be sure to get there early if you want the daily specials before they're gone. Very friendly staff, this local hot spot is a must-try." —Yelper Sarah E.

    43. Tony's Italian Delicatessen, Montgomery, Texas

    Tony's Italian Delicatessen / Via

    "The best Italian-style sandwich I've ever had! My parents were in town and we'd seen an article on BuzzFeed that mentioned Tony's and the menu looked amazing. We absolutely loved our meal. The bread was delicious and the sandwiches were full of meat and toppings. We also got a cannoli and eclair and those were amazing as well — my dad said it was the best he'd ever had. Highly recommend, you won't be disappointed!!!!" —Yelper Jillian Z.

    44. Buds, Salt Lake City, Utah

    Buds / Via

    "I would consider myself an avid fan of meat, but when it comes to Buds, this place just absolutely rocks! I absolutely love their cheesesteak sandwich. The first time I had the sandwich I didn't know it was actually vegan. I just thought it was a kick butt cheesesteak sandwich. If you are ever in downtown Salt Lake, this place is a must. This is truly a local gem!" —Yelper Tj B.

    45. Union Jacks, Burlington, Vermont

    Marcos G. / Via

    "This place is a total hole-in-the-wall sandwich joint that I could not recommend more. We stopped here for a quick lunch in between brewery tours and my husband and I each got a sandwich. Not only were our sandwiches both DELICIOUS, but this place truly does use homemade ingredients. (I had a chipotle mayo and he had a horseradish mayo that were both freshly made in-house!) Plus, the service is friendly and welcoming. I'd stop back here any day to try another really yummy sandwich!" —Yelper Melanie D.

    46. Paramount Cafe, Arlington, Virginia

    Frank R. / Via

    "Great little panini shop! Was looking for a good sandwich and saw this shop on Yelp. I could not have been happier with this place. The woman running the counter was so friendly and quick with our sandwiches. We ordered two sandwiches to eat there and one to-go. There was a generous amount of meat on each sandwich, and the bread was so fresh and delicious! I will definitely be back!" —Yelper Alisha K.

    47. The Melon Seed Deli & Frozen Yogurt, Tacoma, Washington

    Becky C. / Via

    "I came to the Melon Seed a few years ago after it opened and loved it. I thought I had reviewed it, apparently I didn't, and that is a fact I'm correcting today. This is one of the best sandwich shops I've been to. First, the food. There are so many choices. And the flavor combinations are as interesting as they are tasty. I've had several different sandwiches, and honestly I think anything you choose, you're going to be happy. We have enjoyed the Spiked Tuna, the Turkey Bacon Chutney, the Reuben, and the Cubano. I can't really say a favorite, as each is so good and depending on what I'm in the mood for, any choice might be the best at the moment you choose. Second, the people. This place may shine from the food, but the people illuminate your experience. This is a friendly, cheerful group. I tend to walk in and if I wasn't happy already, this team enlivens me. I highly recommend giving the Melon Seed a try." —Yelper Lyssa D.

    48. Falafel Inc, Washington D.C.

    Suzanne O. / Via

    "This place slaps. Their food is so cheap, especially for being on the wharf, plus the money goes to charity. The falafel doesn't taste burnt, but rather soft and melts in your mouth. Their sauces are also to die for deliciousness. Plus, portions are huge for having such good prices. My sandwich was $3, like what the heck. I'm in awe." —Yelper Ellen L.

    49. Yen's Sandwiches, South Charleston, West Virginia

    K T. / Via

    "This is one of the reasons I use Yelp. What a find! Fresh food and very flavorful sandwiches. I had the bahn mi and enjoyed it. One of the best sandwiches I have had in a while. I definitely will be back here. Great spot in Charleston." —Yelper Dan C.

    50. Door County Creamery, Sister Bay, Wisconsin

    Rachel S. / Via

    "A nice small spot to grab lunch in busy Sister Bay. Both sandwiches we tried were great with their homemade goat cheese. When the weather is nice, they have a handful of tables outside that are perfect to enjoy the food while enjoying Sister Bay. The cheese spreads are great and you can sample before making any purchases. Will definitely be back!" —Yelper Tom D.

    51. The Bread Basket, Cheyenne, Wyoming

    Kirby W. / Via

    "This bustling place has fantastic sandwiches, baked goods, and service! Being from out of town, I come here for lunch when visiting Cheyenne — a good option instead of fast food. Service is friendly and fast. I had the turkey sandwich on spelt bread with pasta salad and a green tea. With the meal combo, you get a free cookie — Snickerdoodle is the way to go!" —Yelper Kyle K.

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.