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    Here's The Best Coffee Spot In Every State, According To Yelp

    Time to quit your day job and go on a tour de caffeine.

    There are few things better than taking a long, relaxing sip of a hot coffee beverage and getting that warm and cozy feeling. There are also few things better than savoring every last sip of a refreshing iced coffee. I guess what I'm trying to say is, there is truly nothing better than coffee in all its wonderful, beautiful, magical forms. And as an avid coffee drinker, I know how hard it can be to find the perfect coffee shop.

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    So thanks to our friends at Yelp, who use an algorithm that ranks reviews on their site, we were able to find the best coffee spot in each state.

    I hope you're ready to get fueled up as you check out the 51 best coffee shops across the US!

    1. Seeds Coffee — Homewood, Birmingham, Alabama

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    "This place is a hidden gem. Many people aren't aware that this coffee shop exists; however, I have yet to find one person who doesn't like this place once they visit it. Coffee is flavorful, and the ambience relaxing. Not a Starbucks feel, which makes it unique. Best of all, the prices are very reasonable and a must-try for any coffee lover." —Yelper Jason B.

    2. The Crepery, Fairbanks, Alaska

    Reyne R. / Via

    "Best crepe and cup of coffee I've ever had. I was visiting from California and was super impressed with the quality of food. I had the Nutella and berry crepe." —Yelper Matthew D.

    3. Enroute Coffee and Tea House, Goodyear, Arizona

    Enroute Coffee and Tea House / Via

    "Can't believe I haven't left a review sooner. This is my absolute favorite place! I've been going for about six months now, pretty much ever since I gave birth at a nearby hospital and demanded an iced coffee, and this is what my fiancé came back with! Long story short, they're just so sweet, always so nice and welcoming, and of course the drinks are amazing. They always have something fun to try when it comes to treats up front as well. I've told so many of my friends about this place, and they all make it a part of their routines as well now, too! It's easy to recommend a place that has everything on point!" —Yelper Des G.

    4. Onyx Coffee Lab, Fayetteville, Arkansas

    Lily S. / Via

    "I love Onyx with a deep and fiery passion, with an obsession, a joy, and devotion. I love it so much, I've considered quitting my nursing career just to work for this particularly creative, smart, and delicious coffee biz. I have lived in and traveled to many places, enjoying coffee everywhere I go. But this. This coffee. THIS is the coffee. Onyx has somehow managed to offer the perfect blend of coffee offerings, service, food, atmosphere, and merchandise. One of my favorite things in the world is their seasonal menu of the most intelligently and creatively derived beverages. Though don't be fooled — even their standard drinks (especially the mocha) hit it out of the park. These guys are obviously foodies who love what they do. They've tested out so many flavors of coffee and accompaniments, and come up with the BEST combinations. They didn't just slap some trendy flava-flaves into their fall/spring/holiday rotation — they crafted some mouth-bangers, some dranks that will make your mouth smile. I could go on and on and on, but I'll leave you with one serious recommendation: Don't miss the Coffee Phosphate!" —Yelper Allison O.

    5. Medleno Coffee Shop & Roastery, Danville, California

    Anshika L. / Via

    "Such a nice, small coffee shop! Stopped in on a Saturday morning. Staff was super friendly and conversational. They made sure I was happy with my drink after it was made. Prices are very reasonable, especially compared with the other coffee shops I've been to. They use the big ice cubes, not the small ice cubes that usually make iced coffee watery; their sizes are generous, and another plus — they have oat milk! Would be back if I'm ever back in the area." —Yelper Rohit J.

    6. QuinceEssential Coffee House, Denver

    Kate L. / Via

    "THIS IS A HIDDEN GEM!!!! The customer service here is out of this world! They have a cute little system where they file your frequent drink card in an old-school library catalog, and I'm not gonna lie, I get excited to have my ritual of pulling my card out and ordering my coffee (the little things). The food here is stellar. I usually get the quiche with an iced pistachio (half syrup, all their homemade syrups are on the sweeter side). In the back, you can pay a quarter to feed the ducks and chickens!! I'm seriously obsessed with this place." —Yelper Christine N.

    7. Cafe Aroma, Norwalk, Connecticut

    Christy C. / Via

    "Found this place on Yelp as one of the top places to stop in around town, and not gonna lie, at first when I stopped in, I was disappointed because I've been to many coffee shops that had a more calming, uplifting environment, but once I met the owner, he changed my mood on everything. He immediately greeted my friend and me, shook our hands, asked if it was our first time in. We said yes. He gladly stated he'd make us something special to drink. Told us he'd bring it to us at the table. I was 100% satisfied with his surprise. He knew exactly what I liked (an almond milk hazelnut vanilla latte), and my friend had an iced espresso, which happens to be their signature drink. He told us to come back, thanking us for stopping in, and giving us a free coffee to go on the house. If it weren't for him, I would have walked out, but he made the place memorable. 10/10 would come back. Plus, the coffee is perfect." —Yelper Isabelle S.

    8. Drifting Grounds, Bethany Beach, Delaware

    Megan C. / Via

    "First time here and I have nothing bad to say. I ordered a large caramel iced latte, and it's one of the best I've ever had. I love how this place is strawless and they donate 25% of their profits to social and environmental causes! I wish I lived down here because I would go every morning!" —Yelper Ashlee M.

    9. Calusa Coffee Roasters, Fort Lauderdale

    Derick D. / Via

    "Starting as primarily wholesale roasters seven years ago, Calusa, to our benefit, and in order to promote their delicious coffee, decided to open up shop. Every day is a new origin of coffee. They have beans from Ethiopia, Italy, Costa Rica, Sumatra, Guatemala, and more. The people behind the counter are knowledgeable and passionate about coffee. The coffee is superb. Bold, aromatic, and robust. The latte and iced latte were both delicious. No sugar needed. The interior is cozy and decorated well. The house is split into two sections. The left side is for serving coffee to customers, and the right side is where they roast the beans for wholesale. Highly recommend." —Yelper Derick D.

    10. Golden Drops Café, Decatur, Georgia

    Tanya M. / Via

    "I don't think I've ever done this, but I am writing this review in the moment. Y'all, I was looking for a café. I drive past this place all the time but recently saw all the good reviews and thought, 'Might as well.' LET ME SAY IT RIGHT NOW: The golden coffee with soy is, is, is...everything. It's fair trade. It's SO YUMMY. Plus, it is created and served by the kindest owner. It's such a special place that the selfish part of myself didn't want to write a review. I want it to stay quaint, new, and cozy. BUT the 'run and tell the world' (because my business alone won't keep it open) part of my being won out. This is a wonderfully authentic café that feels simple; it just feels right." —Yelper Shelby S.

    11. Rainbeau Jo's, Lihue, Hawaii

    Rowena R. / Via

    "I thought we were lost when we pulled up because the location was kinda weird, but inside was super cute. They make the food and drinks inside an indoor food truck. Lots of seating. Great customer service, food, and drinks. My iced dirty chai was on point — not too sweet. My lox bagel was very good, and you can tell it's all homemade. They even gave us some tips on a good hike for some great views! Highly recommend!" —Yelper Marlena M.

    12. Evans Brothers Coffee, Sandpoint, Idaho

    Evans Brothers Coffee / Via

    "Some of the best coffee and specialty tea drinks in Sandpoint! Loved the turmeric spiced chai latte with almond milk. Insanely good Americanos. Little spendy, but delicious. Stupid-fast internet, and quite a few tables and couches to work at. They are also super-sweet people." —Yelper Anna A.

    13. Pilot Pete's Coffee & Treats, Elmhurst, Illinois

    Pilot Pete's Coffee & Treats / Via

    "This is my new favorite place! I am usually not an iced coffee girl, but I am now addicted to the 'Avalanche.' The flavor of this coffee is incredible, and what I find with a lot of iced coffees is that they taste watered down, but not Pete's! Pete is also so friendly and kind, so it is worth it to support this small, one-of-a-kind business. This is the best coffee I've ever tasted, and I now have a new place before going to school! Thanks, Pete!" —Yelper Daina W.

    14. Coat Check Coffee, Indianapolis

    Alina A. / Via

    "Coat Check Coffee is calm, cool, and collected. With multiple choices for seating, this location features delicious and unique drink choices, delicious food options, and excellent study corners. I love that it is connected to the historic Athenaeum theater, has gender-neutral bathroom options, and a very friendly staff. This is a go-to spot for studying!" —Yelper Brittany C.

    15. 392 Caffé, Clinton, Iowa

    392 Caffé / Via

    "I'm SO impressed with this coffee shop here. The honey lavender latte with oat milk is one of the best I've had. I'm still thinking about it three days later back home. The lemon blueberry cookie is so yummy, too. We also downed the chicken salad sandwich on their homemade bread. The people who worked there offered to lend their personal booster seat for my toddler to use. It's a welcoming and refreshing space. If you're visiting Clinton, it's a must!" —Yelper Karina C.

    16. Hi Hat Coffee, Westwood Hills, Kansas

    Bonnie C. / Via

    "This is the cutest little (seriously smol) coffee shop I've been to! The coffee options were super unique (classics are there for you black-coffee people), the staff were incredibly friendly (knew the names of most customers and helped with our orders), and talented! Fast service and great coffee (and tea for those who don't like coffee)." —Yelper Christy F.

    17. Carabello Coffee, Newport, Kentucky

    Shiang H. / Via

    "What a great place! I visited for the first time today, and I was so impressed by the care they take with their coffee, and the personalized recommendations they can give their customers. I had a tri-blend, which was delicious. I also got a chocolate croissant, which was wonderful. I highly recommend!" —Yelper Ashley D.

    18. Drip Affogato Bar, New Orleans

    Michael N. / Via

    "Visited during a weekend in New Orleans. I love coffee and ice cream, and this place has the best flavor combinations! I ordered the Vietnamese iced coffee one and added some chocolate drizzle on top. So delicious!! Highly recommend if you need an afternoon pick-me-up." —Yelper Shivani A.

    19. Coffee ME Up, Portland, Maine

    Deb W. / Via

    "Love!! I try ALL the local coffee shops wherever I go because I'm really picky. I drink mocha lattes, but I hate any place that uses sugary syrup for their flavorings, so I'm always looking for a place that uses quality products. I'm not sure if it was a syrup or if they used real melted chocolate, but it was not overly sugary at all and tasted great. Plus, the place is clean and the staff is super friendly!!" —Yelper Amy C.

    20. Black Lion Café, Rockville, Maryland

    Connie L. / Via

    "This coffee shop has a nice, cozy atmosphere. Their iced coffee is quite strong, and the quality of the coffee beans they use is high. It is perfect for studying as the place is ample, Wi-Fi is fast, and parking is easy." —Yelper Melisa G.

    21. Recreo Coffee & Roasterie, West Roxbury, Massachusetts

    Lev A. / Via

    "Seriously the best coffee you can find. I love getting a coffee and almond pastry at the café, the specialty brews and latte macchiatos are amazing, but the superstar here is just the freshly ground coffee. I always get a pound of the medium roast, freshly ground coarse and have a French pressed cup every morning, and it's the best thing ever. I've had all roasts and like them all so much. I make mine with a tablespoon of maple syrup and whole milk. The iced coffee is also the best here. I also highly recommend the lemon poppyseed loaf slice or muffin if they have it. I always get lemon poppyseed, and they have some of the best." —Yelper Max G.

    22. Qahwah House, Dearborn, Michigan

    Amoulee C. / Via

    "Today was our third visit to Qahwah House, and I cannot believe my own negligence to have not given them a rave review yet. For me to hit up a coffee shop for the third time that is not a Starbucks says a lot, LOL. I always want to like the quaint little locally owned shops but usually come away disappointed. Not with Qahwah House. We have tried multiple drinks, including the chai and the Yemeni latte. Both are fantastic, but it's the Yemeni latte that keeps us coming back for more. Kudos to Qahwah for keeping me out of Starbucks!" —Yelper Melody A.

    23. Cedar Coffee Company, Two Harbors, Minnesota

    Margie A. / Via

    "Man, what a cute, great, wonderful place in the middle of nowhere! Fresh, skillfully made pastries, excellent coffee, a variety of nondairy milks. This is a wonderful place to stop in for your afternoon cup — enjoy!" —Yelper Jane J.

    24. Deep South Pops, Jackson, Mississippi

    Elena E. / Via

    "I enjoyed a quality latte AND gingerbread Popsicle here! Who knew these two pair so well together?! Obviously, Deep South Pops did! What a unique combination! There is such a variety of coffee and Popsicles here that there's something for everyone to try! They handcraft all their pops in-house using primarily locally sourced ingredients, and their coffee is locally roasted. They offer dairy and nondairy options. I'm in the midst of a cross-country road trip, so I was just passing through, but if I were local, this would be my regular spot!" —Yelper Elena E.

    25. Comet Coffee & Microbakery, St. Louis

    Raul A. / Via

    "This place is an absolute treasure and wonderment for a coffee connoisseur. The staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable without pretension. Just honest passion for the product. There is always a great rotating selection of coffee beans to choose from; also available by the bag to take home. Delicious gourmet pastries made in-house. Another highlight for me was their dirty chai latte. I've had this at many places, but theirs is on another level." —Yelper Dre L.

    26. Ebon Coffee Collective, Billings, Montana

    Whitney W. / Via

    "As a sworn champion of the proletariat, this whole pour-over phenomenon is far too much for me most of the time. I'm just like, give me a well-balanced blend of coffee that has dripped through a filter into a pot, and as long as it's strong and hot, I'm good. So, usually I'm super judgy about places that only offer pour-overs. But Ebon was an exception because they're unpretentious, attached to a charming little art gallery (featuring some great Western-themed art), and the prices are not outrageous. I had an Ethiopian coffee that had a really nice acidity and aroma. I also had a shortbread cookie which was freakin' delicious." —Yelper Nat Z.

    27. Howlin' Hounds Coffee, Omaha, Nebraska

    Sarah K. / Via

    "Everything was awesome!! Great cold brew. The owner was very friendly, takes his time with customers, and seems genuinely interested in them. The space is very open; would make a great hangout spot with a lot of cool art on the walls. It's like a chill bar that serves coffee. I wish I lived in Omaha just so I could be a regular here! Will definitely be back!" —Yelper Angela P.

    28. Desert Wind Coffee Roasters, Las Vegas

    Ty W. / Via

    "This is hands-down the best coffee I have had in the Vegas area! A friend and I came to Vegas (not the first time here) for the week and wanted to try a local coffee shop. We saw the ratings and reviews for Desert Wind Coffee Roasters and decided to give it a try! We were greeted with a smile and friendly welcome when we walked in. We were asked if we had been in before, and when we said that it was our first time there, we were walked through the menu and they went into detail about what some of their most popular drinks were made with! After we ordered, they told us to take a seat wherever and that they would bring our drinks out to us when they were done. A few minutes later, we received our drinks, and they were better than expected! We will definitely be stopping by for more coffee on our way out of Vegas!" —Yelper Jaclyn S.

    29. Wayfarer Coffee Roasters, Laconia, New Hampshire

    Priscilla G. / Via

    "Came here every single day on vacation in Laconia. Well worth the drive into town! The waffles are all great (we tried them all except the pizza waffle). The cold brew was the best I've had, my wife enjoyed her vanilla lattes, and my mother-in-law loved the cappuccinos. The kids liked the chai and early grey iced tea." —Yelper Steve M.

    30. Koffeewagon Roasters, Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey

    Amy O. / Via

    "This has become my favorite coffee place. It's truly a special and inviting place, with GOOD coffee. If you ever wanted to know why people actually have coffee preferences, this is the place to stop and check out. The staff is very informative and has wonderful recommendations. I love the place so much, I even bought their baseball hats and a bamboo coffee travel mug. Even their accessories are well-made and become favorites!" —Yelper Alice P.

    31. Espresso Fino, Albuquerque, New Mexico

    Annalee W. / Via

    "Absolutely in love with this place; the owner treats his coffee as his craft. He made sure the drink was just to my liking, and I wish we had more of him in the world. Just wish I didn't live seven hours away or they would never get rid of me here. Best coffee I have ever had." —Yelper Tia W.

    32. Georgio's Coffee Roasters, Farmingdale, New York

    Emmi G. / Via

    "Long Island is full of 'specialty coffee' with lots of flavored syrups and whatnot. If that's your jam, great, but if you want to actually taste coffee and different bean flavors, this is definitely the best place east of New York City, proper. They have many choices of beans, roasted in-house. The barista is super nice and helpful and actually knows what he's doing. The coffee itself shows the fact this place actually knows what they're doing." —Yelper Amy H.

    33. The Morning Jump Coffee Company, Spring Lake, North Carolina

    The Morning Jump Coffee Company / Via

    "Best darn breakfast sandwiches we've ever had!! Very small building, but the food was fast and fresh! And insanely delicious! My husband said he got tingles all the way to his toes. The staff was friendly and immediately owned up to and fixed a small order error. Our croissants were flaky and soft, just as they are supposed to be! We ordered two caramel frappes to go with our sandwiches. These were also prepared to perfection. I've eaten all over Texas and my husband has eaten all over the country, and you'll have a hard time finding better frappes. Best coffee and best sandwich I've had other than homemade in a very long time. Thank you for a wonderful start to our day!" —Yelper Dottie S.

    34. Twenty Below Coffee, Fargo, North Dakota

    James B. / Via

    "Friendly service, fun vibe and atmosphere to hang out in, and most importantly, some of the best coffee I have ever had. I'd recommend the Nutella mocha latte! Amazingly smooth and perfectly balanced; not too rich as you may expect with Nutella involved, but it was just right. My favorite was the sourdough toast with poached eggs and white cheddar cheese — it's hard to describe how delicious and unique the flavor is, but I do know it's GOOD!" —Yelper Dave S.

    35. Artisan Coffee, Akron, Ohio

    Raymond M. / Via

    "Artisan is my absolute favorite coffee shop in the area. The atmosphere is welcoming, the staff is friendly, the seating is ample compared with many places (but even then it can get busy), the prices are reasonable, every drink I've tried has been delicious, and the pastry selection is widely varied and super tasty. My personal favorite drinks are the hot apple cider with caramel drizzle and the summer sapphire. Even the food here is pretty good for a coffee place! It's become my go-to hangout spot. I can't compliment this spot enough." —Yelper Adeline G.

    36. Cafe Kacao, Oklahoma City

    Dustin J. / Via

    "The s'mores latte was freaking delicious. I kept licking the rim clean and wanted more by the time I was done. The wait is long and the restaurant is really busy, so make sure to hop on the waitlist via Yelp, people! Food was delicious and service was top-notch. The ambience is pretty cool; just be comfortable with tables and people being close together." —Yelper Jennifer U.

    37. Tōv, Portland, Oregon

    Sophia Y. / Via

    "A true gem of a space. Beginning from the outside, you're struck while walking down the street and you notice a red double-decker bus tucked away, with people sitting at tables on the exposed roof, enjoying some coffee. At this point, who can resist going in? You enter, and it transforms into an entirely new experience. You're transported into a secret moment that's tenderly curated and harmoniously orchestrated. I'll admit that I didn't need any coffee, but I was compelled enough to order one anyway. The drinks are clever, and mine was delicious. I had my moment on the roof. I'll return." —Yelper Justin B.

    38. Redhawk Coffee, Pittsburgh

    Eugina N. / Via

    "On my most recent trip to Pittsburgh, I had a lot of coffee, but Redhawk was superior. The coffee was roasted perfectly and was a great pick-me-up. This specific location is pretty tiny and crowded. My boyfriend and I originally ordered our drinks to have there, but there wasn't any open seating, so we opted to take them to go. The service was great and the staff were really friendly! Overall, a great little coffee shop." —Yelper Mackenzie B.

    39. Knead Doughnuts, Providence, Rhode Island

    desiree g. / Via

    "They have such a great variety of delicious, gourmet donuts that it was hard to choose which ones to get. The lemon blueberry basil was refreshing and not too sweet, but the strawberry shortcake was just the right kind of sweet. Great coffee drinks and friendly staff as well." —Yelper Kristina R.

    40. Java Burrito Company, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

    Tala D. / Via

    "Java Burrito is like a glorified Chipotle, but with awesome coffee. They offer fresh food choices, with something for everyone, as they have a variety of vegan and gluten-free options. They have their own blends of cold brew coffee, and all the beans are roasted locally. They also have espresso drinks and even milkshakes. I highly recommend grabbing a coconut iced coffee if you stop in." —Yelper Adeline A.

    41. The Green Bean Coffeehouse, Spearfish, South Dakota

    Harley S. / Via

    "My absolute favorite coffee spot that I have ever been to! Love the hipster atmosphere, and staff is great! Coffee, muffins, and bagels are excellent! My go-to iced coffee is their iced Thai coffee that is the perfect blend for the perfect iced coffee. If you are looking for a great coffee spot that isn't the normal Starbucks, this is the place for you!" —Yelper Jake A.

    42. Maple Street Biscuit Company — City Center, Chattanooga, Tennessee

    Katie B. / Via

    "This was one of our favorite meals in Chattanooga! The chicken and waffles are phenomenal. The biscuits and gravy were outstanding. Beware: The gravy is a little spicy, but yummy. The apple butter and blackberry jam were simply delicious. Starbucks has NOTHING on this coffee. Delicious!" —Yelper Stephanie T.

    43. Texas Coffee Traders, Austin

    Therese G. / Via

    "The heart of coffee in Austin! TCT has the character of a little coffee shop, but the 80–100 different beans roasted fresh in-house make it a coffee mecca. No pressure or rush to get an order in, because the staff takes time to educate and help you choose. Great outdoor seating to relax and sip." —Yelper Benjamin M.

    44. River Rock Roasting Company, La Verkin, Utah

    Ania K. / Via

    "Always a favorite when we are in town! Amazing coffee, sandwiches for the trails, pizza, and awesome views from their outdoor dining space." —Yelper Tony R.

    45. Penny Cluse Cafe, Burlington, Vermont

    Kristen C. / Via

    "Got breakfast tacos and they were perfect! Great coffee, which I'm adamant about; so many spots have terrible coffee. Food was quick and staff was attentive." —Yelper Aimee W.

    46. Brewer's Cafe, Richmond, Virginia

    Sara M. / Via

    "LOVE this place. The staff is so friendly and personable. Ambience is right up my ally — rap music and books!! The food is always hot and fresh. Desserts are just right, but the coffee is the real treat. THE LATTES, THOUGH. They're just perfect. I wish they would open a location in Virginia Beach, as I can only visit when I'm in town with family who lives directly across the street. I love you, Brewer's." —Yelper Erin B.

    47. J5 Coffee, Leavenworth, Washington

    Jeanie C. / Via

    "I have been missing my local café, and then I discovered J5. Wow! Super-smooth espresso. They do their own small batch roasting and are clearly putting the effort in to get top-notch beans. Friendly and prompt service as well. They have beans for sale, single origins as well as their espresso blend. I'll definitely make sure to buy a bag or two before I leave town." —Yelper Ted G.

    48. Sami's Coffee Kiosk, Washington, DC

    Dee A / Via

    "I drive by this kiosk every morning and see a long line of people. I stopped in to see why he has such long lines. I found the two reasons: great coffee, lattes, and other café drinks; and a business owner with a great attitude. I usually drink drip coffee black. He suggested a latte with almond milk and cinnamon. I tried it and I am hooked. Well worth the wait, even if you just get a smile from Sami. Every restaurant and coffee house in the city should send their employees to Sami's Coffee to get some training." —Yelper Vic S.

    49. The Grind, Morgantown, West Virginia

    Tia W. / Via

    "If you are a coffee lover and love to try different coffee joints, than don't miss this place! My favorites are the caramel latte and maple latte. They have great food as well, with many options for vegetarians. It's also a great place to hang out with friends, meet up with colleagues, or even study." —Yelper Yamini A.

    50. 5th and Jefferson Coffee House, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin

    Lisa L. / Via

    "THE BEST COFFEE place we've ever been to! It is so charming and eclectic, a person would want to just stay with friends chatting all afternoon! The coffee and mochas are wonderful, as are the desserts offered. The owner is kind and delightful to talk with. It was our first time, but not our last!" —Yelper Linda J.

    51. Persephone Bakery, Jackson, Wyoming

    Carolyn S. / Via

    "This is a must breakfast Iocation when visiting Jackson Hole. Exceptional eats, great espresso-based coffees (one of the best americanos you will find). The yogurt granola is killer. Lots of hot offerings as well. Please just come!!! You will love it." —Yelper Tony G.

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.