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    31 Memes To Send To Your Mom Right Now

    But, first, tell her what a meme is.

    1. When she takes wayyyyy too long to text you back because SHE ONLY TYPES WITH ONE FINGER.

    2. When her version of five minutes is your version of five hours.

    3. And when her version of only needing a "few things" is your version of "the entire store."

    4. When she won't let you do something just because all of your other friends are doing it too.

    5. When she's just a *little* too proud of your accomplishments.

    6. When she messes up your name so much you've now learned to answer to whatever.

    7. When you have something important to ask or tell her, she always has a phone attached to her ear.

    8. And god help you if you actually interrupt her phone conversations.

    9. When she hates anyone who has ever wronged you, because you're her baby.

    10. When you hear your full name being called, you know some shit is about to go down.

    11. When she assumes you know every single person on the internet.

    12. When she leaves you alone in public and you see your life flash before your eyes.

    13. When she'd rather give you her kidney than lend you a few bucks.

    14. When she doesn't approve of the outfit you spent forever putting together.

    15. And when she does approve of your outfit, but finds some outrageous way to ruin it.

    16. When your mom puts you through the cruel and unusual punishment that is trying on awful clothes she picks out.

    17. When your grandma takes your side in an argument with your mom and all is good and right in the world.

    18. When she's the master of "mom-guilt."

    19. When your mom is a passenger in your car and makes you relive the days of drivers' ed.

    20. When she has the nerve to call you down to eat, but really it's just to set the table first.

    21. When she can get away with things that other people wouldn't dare think of doing to you.

    22. When she needs to know every.single.detail. of your personal life.

    23. When she knows you better than anyone else, but at the same time, doesn't understand your sense of humor.

    24. When she makes you try a food you just know you're going to hate.

    25. When you turn into her parent any time she tries to have a life.

    26. When she tries to wake you up for the millionth time, and loses her shit when you're still in bed.

    27. When she knows she just got one over on you.

    28. When she's the queen at calling for you but never answering back.

    29. When she couldn't care less if you're sick unless if you have a fever, are throwing up, or dying.

    30. When she truly deserves only the best for dealing with you.

    31. Because, at the end of the day, she's the most amazing person you know and you wouldn't trade even her most annoying moments for anything.