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    31 Cheap Pieces Of Furniture And Decor From Walmart That Basically Look Like A Million Bucks

    Live your best high-end, VIP, treat-yo-self lifestyle without breaking the bank.

    1. A chrome and glass coffee table that looks so expensive, your friends will never believe you got it for less than $100.

    the chrome and glass rounded coffee table

    2. A luxurious velvet couch you'll love because it also folds down into a bed.

    a velvet blue couch

    3. A canopy bed that'll bring a chic, industrial vibe to your space.

    the canopy bed

    4. A mid-century modern TV stand with a low profile and high style you'll get tons of compliments on.

    a light brown mid century modern tv stand with two cabinets on each end and a shelf in the middle

    5. A pair of dining chairs featuring a nailhead trim detail that'll elevate any dining set.

    the chairs in grey with black legs

    6. An industrial side table with room for all your classy decor, including your fancy books that you definitely plan on reading.

    the side table in dark brown

    7. A farmhouse-style TV stand perfect for living out your Joanna Gaines dreams without the price.

    the white farmhouse style tv stand

    8. A dining table with room for six you can count on to still fit perfectly in an apartment or condo.

    a dark brown table

    9. A colorful rug you can enjoy indoors or outdoors — it'll brighten up any space.

    a off white rug with green oversized leaf patterns on it

    10. A gold bar cart with art deco details that'll make every dinner party super classy.

    the bar cart

    11. A chrome side table to make your living room look classy and expensive.

    the end table

    12. A tall, narrow bookcase with gold and glass accents that'll fit anywhere.

    tall gold shelving with four built in shelves

    13. A stylish gold floor lamp to complement any decor.

    a gold lamp next to a couch

    14. A colorful indoor/outdoor side table that'll brighten up your patio or balcony.

    a turquoise table with sun-like cut outs throughout

    15. A navy blue desk with matte gold legs to bring a high end feel to any space.

    the desk

    16. A simple but elegant mirror that'll make a statement in any room, whether you hang it vertically or horizontally.

    a white desk with a small center drawer

    17. A white coffee table starring chrome legs and a lift top to provide hidden storage.

    the coffee table that opens at the top

    18. An upholstered desk chair with nailhead detail that elevates any home office setup.

    the chair on wheels

    19. A bright accent chair that'll make you feel like royalty.

    a curved chair in purple with brown wooden legs

    20. A mirrored cabinet with so many uses, it'll glam up any room.

    the mirrored cabinet with an intricate design across the three drawers

    21. A contemporary area rug that comes in tons of colors and sizes, so it'll be perfect for any home.

    a white rug with a grey Moroccan design on it

    22. A four-drawer dresser with hairpin legs for a high-end modern look.

    a black standing dresser with four drawers

    23. A modern TV stand that'll fit TVs up to 50 inches for around $100 — can't beat it.

    the tv stand with two cabinets and a shelf

    24. A metallic end table with a million uses for any room in the house.

    the table that is also a magazine holder

    25. A faux leather desk chair under $80 for the aspiring mogul.

    a white desk chair on wheels

    26. Faux marble and gold geometric side tables that'll be great for holding your drinks or your fave plants.

    27. A rustic, industrial open bookcase under $60 to hold all of your odds 'n' ends.

    the open bookcase with six shelves

    28. A luxurius velvet headboard truly fit for a queen or king.

    the quilted green velvet headboard

    29. A modern faux leather sectional with chrome legs that'll upgrade your home office or living room like 1000%.

    the black faux leather couch with an attached lounge

    30. A white and gold geometric side table that no one will know only cost you $32.

    the gold table with a white marble top

    31. And an industrial, glass top dining table with gold accents to help make every meal feel fancy, even if you're ordering pizza for the millionth time.

    the glass dining table surrounded by pink chairs

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