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    Urban Outfitters Is Having A Labor Day Sale, And They're Offering An Extra 30% Off Sale Styles

    Just like the holiday, finding fashionable stuff at Urban is ~no work~.

    Head's up, fashion fans! In solidarity with all the hard work you've put in this year, Urban Outfitters is having a downright awesome Labor Day sale. For two glorious days you can score an extra 30% off already discounted sale items!

    So ~strike~ a pose and get ready for some ~collective bargaining~, because here's our top picks from the sale:

    1. An instant camera that's got a selfie mode and built in mirror so you can make physical mementoes of how great you look within a matter of seconds.

    The camera in salmon pink

    2. An oversized striped button down – it's right in the sweet spot between slouchy and preppy and perfect for early fall layering.

    A model wears the blue and white striped shirt

    3. A pair of corduroy carpenter shorts that are soft as heck and have so many pockets you won't know what to do with all of them. Carpenter shorts and pants are hot right now, and the weather is too, making this one a double winner.

    4. A bubble glass tumbler to add a touch of twinkle to beverage time.

    Glasses in clear, orange, blue, and green

    5. A striped crop top tank that's made from small batch fabric crafted from recycled materials, to look good *and* feel good about it.

    6. A matte-finish hair paste for longwearing extra control for short- to medium-length hair that's workable and washes out easy peasy.

    The hair paste

    7. A pair of lace ankle socks that pair well with chunky shoes, just for the ~frill~ of it.

    8. A pair of Keith Harring boxer shorts I'm sure the famously ~cheeky~ gay artist would have loved.

    The white undies with red, yellow, green, blue, and pink Haring "guys" on them

    9. A pair of culottes-vibe spliced pants that are easy to pull on and have buttons down the leg (love that!), because you want your look to say "fashion" to the rest of the world even if your mood is "I can barely put on pants right now."

    10. A thoroughly modern wall hook made out of super durable mango wood, that you can get in a natural finish or stained. I know we all love "the pile system," but your coat, purse, keys, and other daily essentials need a home that's not cluttering up your floors, tables, or chairs.

    11. A pom-pom panel that'll make you want to cheer because it offers blackout-level coverage but with a unique boho aesthetic.

    The gray panels with pom poms

    12. A high-neck frock dress you can wear all the time to basically anything. Sport it a la carte for summer, and layer over leggings and boots for a natty fall look.

    A reviewer wears the dress in blue

    13. A fabric remnant patchwork shirt to up your fashion quotient with a unique piece made from upcycled materials.

    A model wears the multi-fabric shirt

    14. A splice-printed hooded track jacket perfect for slouchy layering as the weather turns cooler.

    A model wears the blue jacket

    15. A mesh panel G-string with flocked star icons and a wide waistband for extra comfort, because they're ~undeniably~ adorable.

    16. A pair of UO-exclusive Champion terry drawstring shorts so you can look awesome even when you're just lounging around.

    A model wears the blue shorts`

    17. A fan-fave UO nail polish that's shiny, chip-free, color-rich, and available in a bunch of fetching, compliment-worthy solid colors and glittery shades.

    18. An assortment of velvet scrunchies reviewers swear by to keep their hair in place and look cute doing it, so you can complete your Y2K look.

    The blue, yellow, black, striped, and leopard-print scrunchies

    19. A one-piece cutout swimsuit to get you ready for next year's beach season. It has a tie-dye pattern, racerback stripes for extra support, and it's almost 70% off right now.

    The pink and purple swim suit

    20. And finally, a set of two window box planters you can use inside or out to add a little green to your day.

    The black and wood planters inside

    When you celebrate the triumph of nineteenth-century trade finding a way to make your closet fit all the rad stuff you picked up at the Urban Outfitters Labor Day sale: