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    20 Products From ShopDisney That'll Make Your Home Much More Magical

    Like this cheeseboard that looks like Jack Skellington, a cookie jar that looks like Stitch is diving into it, and a machine that makes Mickey Mouse waffles.

    1. A Jack Skellington charcuterie board for when you've ~grown tired of the same old thing~...for serving meat and cheese when friends come over.

    The cheese board, open, showing tools within

    2. A Millenium Falcon picnic blanket that comes with a messenger bag to carry it in. May the ~forks~ be with you...because you can carry them in the bag!

    3. A, Up!-inspired throw blanket that shows Carl and Ellie on a throw blanket, watching the clouds go by. It's a cute accessory for making ~your own~ fair-weather memories...or staying cozy while watching TV.

    The blanket

    4. A reversible Star Wars bedding set, to keep The Force with you even while you sleep.

    5. A travel bowl set that's scrumptiously decorated with Disney Park-themed art. The set comes with a lid and a band to keep it closed, so it's perfect for taking your lunch with you to school or work.

    6. And! A set of Disney reusable utensils screen-printed with a Mickey Mouse-shaped recycling symbol design, which is adorable as heck.

    7. A silicone cake, cookie, and ice mold, so you can enjoy the wonderful world of Disney in a totally cute, bite-sized form. What a treat!

    8. A Mickey jack-o'-lantern Halloween candy bag, to pair perfectly with your Disney cosplay costume this fall.

    9. A Disney Princesses hot and cold food container that folks say really works to keep what's inside hot or cold for up to six hours. It's great for anyone of any age who wants a warm meal or frosty treat on the go.

    The pink mug with princesses on it

    10. A flippable two-sided Mickey waffle maker, for a golden-delicious breakfast food rendition of your favorite mouse. It makes a great gift for the Disney-lover in your life (which might just happen to be you!).

    11. A trompe-l'œil Stitch cookie jar that looks like your favorite alien is digging in for more than his fair share.

    12. A Haunted Mansion throw blanket, because even if your room has no windows and no doors, you still deserve to be cozy.

    The black and purple blanket

    13. A Chip mug to bring a smile to your face while getting your morning dose of caffeine, since we could all use a little more magic in the morning. Use it on the daily, but it's so cute, you might want to leave it out all the time. After all, I'm pretty sure Chip's had enough of sleeping in the cupboard.

    14. Or! A Chip faux succulent planter that will add a dash of lifelike magic (that never needs watering) to your desk or shelf.

    The Chip planter

    15. A Mickey ears hat pillow so you can grace your couch, bed, or office chair with an adorable plush accent that also reminds you of good times at the parks.

    16. A customizable three-ring binder featuring the ultimate mean girl, to remind yourself of who's really the boss (even though you're still working from home).

    The pink, black, white, and blue binder with Cruella DeVil on it

    17. A Toy Story stationery supply kit, so you can go to infinity and beyond, without ever leaving your desk.

    The set

    18. A Spiderman water bottle, because no one can win every struggle, but at least you can look awesome and stay hydrated while you do it.

    The red water bottle

    19. A Mickey 1-cup filter coffee maker that comes with a matching mug, so you can start your mornings with a smile.

    The red and black appliance with matching mug

    20. A gorgeous Alice In Wonderland plate set, to celebrate the 70th anniversary of this fine film. The plates have a Wonderland-esque warped shape, and are decorated with designs from Mary Blair's pre-production inspiration art for the movie.

    The plates

    You, trying to contain your excitement as you show off all your new Disney housewares:

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