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    All The Best Deals At Wayfair's Memorial Day Sale

    Give your space the makeover it deserves.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Looking to give your home a Memorial Day makeover? Wayfair has you covered with huge sales, giving you up to 81% off on everything from area rugs to storage solutions, outdoor furniture and oh-so-much more.

    You're not gonna believe some of these deals. Let's dive in, shall we?

    1. 46% off a velvet sleeper sofa I've got in my own living room and is so comfortable my guests never want to leave.

    The sofa in green

    2. 77% off an upholstered headboard so you can sit up in bed without having to rest your head on the wall.

    The bedframe

    3. 29% off a blingy mirrored dresser to reflect your awesome taste.

    The dresser with a mirror over it

    4. 47% off a chandelier three-blade ceiling fan with retractable blades so it just looks like a chandelier when you're not using it.

    The chandelier

    5. 53% off a pull-down sprayer swivel-spout kitchen faucet to give your sink a nice upgrade.

    The faucet in chrome

    6. 51% off a plastic Adirondack chair to get that relaxed upstate summer feel anytime you want, for less than you'd spend on an AirBNB for the weekend.

    the chair

    7. 46% off a cloth gazebo that'll keep your guests sheltered during your next brunch, barbecue, or pool party. It's got curtains to keep out prying eyes and biting insects.

    The gazebo by a lake

    8. 23% off a dual-zone beverage fridge so you can keep your soft drinks and wine each at the right temperature.

    The fridge in a kitchen

    9. 81% of a floor mirror with swanky frame detailing so you can check yourself out in something that looks as good as you do.

    The mirror

    10. 63% off an area rug that holds up well to kids and pets even though it's comes in light colors.

    The rug in off-white

    11. 26% off a solid-wood Danish modern coffee table with two deep drawers, so you can quickly hide whatever you need to when your parents come over. It's also super durable, and nice and sturdy. Reviewers really love this one!

    The table in a living room

    12. 61% off a reversible quilt set that'll keep you warm but's also light enough for summer.

    The set on a bed in lavender

    13. 30% off a set of upholstered stools you can get in bar-height or counter height.

    The stools in Rose

    14. 58% off a velvet office chair that's comfy and not too office-looking.

    Chairs in yellow, blue, and green

    15. 58% off a slim-profile writing desk with drawers that doesn't take up too much space.

    The desk in Dark Walnut

    16. 70% off a regency glam velvet armchair with resilient foam padding for a seating choice that's got polish and panache.

    The chair in pink

    17. 58% off a stunning ceiling fan with clear blades that'll ~blow you away~ with how much air circulation it's capable of.

    The ceiling fan

    18. 67% off a wire shelving unit you can use anywhere even to store really heavy stuff because it's super stable.

    The shelf in black

    19. 57% off a patio umbrella to stay safe from the dreaded backyard brunch sunburn. It tilts to follow the sun, for hours of shady-safe comfort.

    20. 60% off a four-piece metal canister set with gasket-lids so they're as effective at keeping your stuff fresh as they are utterly gorgeous.

    The copper canisters, with one tilted over and sugar pouring out of it

    21. 47% off a bamboo entryway shoe rack that fits eight-pairs and has room for your umbrella and bag, too!

    the shoe rack

    22. 47% off an over-the-toilet shelf with doors so you can declutter your countertop and make use of under-utilized space in the smallest room in your house

    The shelf in white in a bathroom

    23. 47% off an adjustable-flow dual shower head with five spray patterns to customize your bath time while you save water.

    The shower head in silver

    24. 51% off a foam mattress that's available in your choice of thickness so you can get your sleepy-time comfort-level juuuust right.

    The mattress on a bed frame

    25. 45% off a floor lamp perfect for illuminating that one dark corner of your living room, bedroom, or dining area. What a bright idea!

    The lamp in black with a chair

    26. 46% off a round accent mirror that's useful wherever you put it. It's pretty heavy, but that's just because it's so well-made.

    The mirror in a bedroom

    27. 41% off a TV stand for sets up to 88 inches that reviewers say is a solid choice, literally and figuratively.

    The brown TV stand

    28. 47% off a Cuisinart air fryer to make all your favorites fast, easy, and crisped to perfection.

    The silver air fryer

    29. 66% off a set of 1800 thread-count sheet set reviewers say are the super soft and extra comfy.

    The sheets in white

    30. 72% off a cat tree with a ton of options for your kitty entertained for hours while they survey their domain.

    The cat tree in gray and white

    31. 24% off an on-point five-piece dining set with upholstered chairs that's perfect for small apartments.

    The set with pink upholstery

    Your place is gonna look so good now! Be sure to check out the rest of their incredible deals before they sell out!

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